King Dude will perform in April 27th at Dom Omladine/Belgrade!

King Dude will perform for the second time in Serbia on April 24th at Dom Omladine/Belgrade! Organized by MM Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers!

This is the artist who successfully managed to combine many musical styles like dark rock, dirty blues, country rock and even metal and punk. His unique approach has been attracting audience in bigger numbers – both on underground scene and on the worldwide scales, as well.

Statement of the organization:

”King Dude is definitely expanding the boundaries and perspectives within rock sound, so to speak dictates the emergence of a whole new musical direction. Their live performances have been characterized by the audience and the press as a special concert experience with a constant interweaving of acoustic and electric sound. The previous and premiere guest appearance of this artist aroused great fan interest, and the concert itself recounted long afterwards. Today, King Dude is considered one of the world’s leading names in this direction, so we are sure of another unforgettable concert. ”

The first 100 oldschool fan tickets were on sale on December 9th at a price of  1500 dinars for the first 50, or 1,800 dinars for the next 50 tickets. They will be available in the Felix (Belgrade) and Mungos (Novi Sad) venues. After the sale of the first tickets,  other tickets will also be available through Gigstx and venues.

The concert organizers pointed out that the capacity is limited to 250 tickets so far.



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Check out the music video for the “Velvet Rope”, here:

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