Krigere Wolf premieres the full stream of their new EP ” Blazing in a purging fire”, ultimate extreme metal experience at it’s best!

Italian blackened extreme death metal force Krigere Wolf premieres the full stream of their new EP ” Blazing in a purging fire”, which will be officially released on  May 10th/Monday, via Black Ritval Records. Mixed and mastered by Magnus “Devo” Andersson at Endarker Studio, Sweden.

“Blazing in a Purging Fire” is the complex extreme metal record – filled with thrash, black and death metal influences – through out the whole record.  It’s starts with some atmospheric war music, as a good intro for the chaos and devastation yet to come.

Then the destruction can begin – fast rhythmical section, coordinated drum set, furious riffs and greatly arranged vocals are present in each song of this EP. Through – out the whole EP, this fast guitar shredding is present the whole time – with the vicious atmosphere that every extreme metal fans would just love, making this EP a true powerful extreme deity.

Each song is coordinated in the right way. And the most best part of it, it is all done in old school metal manner.  Without some super modern production to it, but with the old school approach so that the main essence of the pure metal sound, can stay in it’s first form. Creating this uncompressing ultimate metal experience, that combines thrash, black and death metal in one, presenting the best side of all three genres combined.

The influences come from Morbid Angel and Decide, they can be heard in some parts of the EP, mixed/fused with the traditional black metal riffs and thrash metal drum set, adapted to the bands original sound, cleverly implemented in every segment of the record.

This record shows that extreme genres are very similar to each other. That they can be adapted to each other, showing the true outstanding fusion of extreme metal, even if the genres are quite different in some segments – but the point is the same. And that is brutal metal power up your face and ears. This band is one of the rare ones, that have all three genres in their music, mixing them so perfectly – that it’s the genre for it self.

Overall, the guys presented with this EP a true metal essence and the metal spirit. And their amazing technical skills contributed very much in creating this unique extreme metal form of art.

All of the fans of the three named genres will like this record – no one will question the level of metal music in it’s core. This is a ultimate extreme metal record – for extreme ears to consume all over again.

Feel the power of extreme metal taking over you, embrace the flame of metal.


Check out the official premiere for the stream of the full EP for the ”Blazing in a purging fire”, here:

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