Left Hand Path premieres the full stream of the upcoming new release “Left Hand Path”, death metal destruction that has never been heard before!

Left Hand Path band

Romania Progressive Extreme Metallers Left Hand Path premieres the full stream of their upcoming new release “Left Hand Path”, which will be released on Jun 17th tomorrow, via Loud Rage Music.

If someone is into the extreme groove progressive death metal combo, this release is for that kind of listeners. Where to start with this release?

Let’s begin with the intro, it has that creepy dark sound to it, and it’s a great introduction to the rest of the release, also there is a surprise in the intro, it’s not a classical one, at some point the growls can be heard, and the crushing riffs from hell, just to get the listeners in the mood for the other songs, to prepare them for the rest of it.

The first song “The Hole in Man” has crushing groove riffs with a touch of death metal destruction as well, technical part is balance in a great way, the blasting drums are mixed very well with the riffs, and the vocals had that tempo that goes along with each tone and the whole sound in the song.

Next one has a groove metal vibe, with some progressive/melodic death riffs, it’s catchy, with some raging vocals that fit perfectly with this song, like it did in the previous one, this song will pull the listener into some special mode, into the groove madness fill with some true musical divinity. “Congnitive llls” is just a perfect song for the good mood, and a enjoyment like no other, that makes this release even better in every way.

With “Egoschism” progressive parts of the release and influences are most present, brutal slam riffs, with deep growls this time with some sort unique solos, added that epic melodic flavor to the song, making it complex.

“Left Hand Path” which is also the title for the release, is the most brutal song on the album, death metal apocalypse with outstanding riffs, and overall it’s fast, furious, pure brutality and darkness are present in the song, also this song has that classical old school death metal influence fused with modern metal approach in it, and it’s fantastic how this two blended with each other in such an amazing way.

In some moment’s of the song there can be heard the dark atmospheric music in the half of the songs, with some whispers, and then again after that  the factor of surprise, cursing riffs fused with some genius solos, all of this gave this song true quality in a brutal death metal style, telling the story trough music in each chapter of the song, since the song is 6 minutes long, and of course told the story trough the song and lyrics just fine, making it the most brutal one on this release.

“Greater Than Us” starts with fast tempo, and also it’s a classical brutal death metal song. It’s also had that blast crushing riffs, that can tear the soul apart, fused with brutality, it delivers like the other songs, true death metal devastation, also the interesting part is that this song begins with acoustic sounds, and ends as well with it, it makes this song just unique, also it is a great choice of the band to be the last one on this record.

Complex release fused with many influences, creating the good atmosphere for the listeners, with the taste of death itself in it, also with modern melodic symphony of destruction. Modern death metal madness in a true progressive death metal style.



2.The Hole In Man

3. Cognitive IIIs

4. Egoschism

5.Left Hand Path

6.Greater Than Us


Szenasi Attila (bass) – you’ve most likely heard him play with Negura Bunget, where he spent about a decade and with the brutal death metal band Malpraxis

José Morales (drums) – Behind the drum set, straight from South America, Jose, who joined the band after playing in Marchosias and Dark Aevum

Ádám András (guitars) – After a lot of gigging playing guitar with The Hourglass and Toy Machines, he is now ready to bring you our fresh flavor of modern metal

Wagner Tamás (guitars) – Tamás played guitar for Malpraxis and bass for Spiritual Ravishment, and is a big fan of heavy rhythms and groovy riffs.

Cristian Aionese (vocals) – The former vocalist of Skullp and co-founder of Malpraxis, he is going to shout, scream, growl, and squeal everybody’s face off! Beware of the butcher.




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