Leng Tch’e release new music video for the song ”Redundant”!

Leng Tch’e have released a new video for the song ”Redundant” taken from the band’s latest album “Razorgrind“.

The band stated this about the music video and the song: 

“‘Redundant’ has quickly become one of our absolute favorites to play live. So, when the time came to pick the next music video from our latest album ”Razorgrind”, the choice was easy. It’s brutal and in your face – just like the song!”

On the previous news, after 5 long months, parts of  Leng Tch’e’s stolen equipment has been returned to them via the power of social media.


The statement of the band about the stolen guitar and gear:
“A couple of weeks after we got our van broken into and our gear stolen in Ostrava, we received a mysterious e-mail from an even more mysterious, disposable e-mail address. This person claimed he bought our gear from some junkies, and that he didn’t know it was stolen. In reality, it was the owner of a pawnshop who couldn’t sell our gear to anyone because everybody in the Czech Republic and beyond knew it was stolen.

In the meantime, we got in touch again with the Ostrava police department, who gave us instructions on how to handle this situation. The pawnshop owner wanted us to pay €2000 to get our own gear back. We obviously weren’t going to do this, so we set up a meeting with our local contact, who was joined by an undercover police officer, and the owner of the pawnshop to get our stuff back. This guy had the audacity afterward to call us dishonest because he didn’t want to give the stolen gear back to its rightful owners.

A big thank you goes out to our good friends Anxur Moravian and Dalibor who invested so much time and energy together with the Ostrava police department in coordinating this operation, and to our amazing fans who exposed our social media post to over 300.000 (!) people: we cannot thank you enough. This would not have been possible without you. Don’t mess with the underground!”

We are still missing Olivier’s drum pedals (Pearl Demon Drive) and a lot of effects pedals, as well as a box of “Razorgrind” gatefold vinyl and t-shirts. So please keep an eye out for those. More info can be found here.”

 LENG TCH'E album cover

1. Gundog Allegiance (1:26)
2. Indomitable (1:29)
3. Cibus (1:29)
4. Spore (2:20)
5. AnarChristic (1:08)
6. Stentor of Doom (1:56)
7. Redundant (2:47)
8. Commitment Fail (2:19)
9. The Red Pill (3:03)
10. Species. Path. Extinction. (2:52)
11. Guinea Swine (3:24)
12. Cirrhosis (2:35)
13. I Am the Vulture (2:57)
14. Magellanic Shrine (6:36)


Tour dates:
30 Jun 18 Antwerpen (BE) Antwerp Metal Fest
11 Aug 18 Ieper (BE) Ieper Hardcore Fest
24 Aug 18 London (UK) The Underworld
25 Aug 18 Leeds (UK) Break The Chains
26 Aug 18 Nottingham (UK) Stuck On a Name
15 Sep 18 Eindhoven (NL) Bloodshed Fest
16 Sep 18 Vienna (AT) Viper Room


The development of veteran bands follows established patterns. Some become complacent and happy to release a regular string of barely inspired albums. Others take their time and with no need to prove anything wait until the time is ripe to hammer out another crusher that demonstrates their hard-won maturity much to the delight of their following. Leng Tch’e fall into the latter category.

The Belgian death grind extremists obviously felt no rush to follow-up their latest sonic assault ”Hypomanic” (2010), but their new sixth full-length aptly named after their self-chosen style description ”Razorgrind” comes with everything that their die-hard fans want to hear. Short, sharp chops crammed with brutal riffing, down-tuned grinding and a knack for deadly melodies over which frontman Sergeï bellows belligerent and fury-filled vocal lines.

Leng Tch’e have fine-tuned their particular genre-mix ever since the release of their first split EP with ”Black Ops”in 2002. Grind, hardcore, and death metal form the main ingredients, but traces of cleverly inserted doom, stoner rock, and other eclectic influences can also be identified. Their name was inspired by an ancient imperial Chinese torture ritual, which the Belgians alluded to in their debut album ”Death by a Thousand Cuts” that also came out in 2002 – only one year after their inception. This created a buzz in the underground that grew considerably louder with the release of the follow-up ”ManMadePredator” in 2003.

International breakthrough came for  Leng Tch’e with their widely acclaimed third full-length ”The Process of Elimination” (2005), which combined catchy hooks with the extreme grind. Invitations to major festivals such as Furyfest, GraspopSummer Breeze, and Maryland Deathfest as well as worldwide touring were their reward. ”Marasmus” (2007) witnessed  Leng Tch’e adding more heavy death metal riffing – a trend of carefully widening their musical horizon that continued with album number five, ”Hypomanic’‘. More touring and festival shows including Hellfest, Neurotic Deathfest, Motocultor, and Metalfest among others followed. Having found and consolidated their own style, the Belgians are now taking the next step forward with ”Razorgrind”, which sees all the musical pieces falling firmly into their place.

Leng Tch’e are more than ready to grind the world. Crank up the volume!

Sergeï Kraven: vocals
Jan Hallaert: guitar
Olivier Coppens: drums
Nicolas Malfeyt: bass guitar

Guest musician:
Teddy Möller: organ on “Guinea Swine”

Recording: Lander Cluyse, Studio Hearse

Mix: Kristian Bonifer, Kohlekeller Studios

Mastering: Alan Douches, West West Side Music

Style: Razorgrind

Cover art: Stefan Heilemann

Available formats
Gatefold-LP in various colors



Booking contact:


Check out the official music video for the “Redundant” here, enjoy it: