Line-up changes at Wolfheart, Guitarist Mika Lammassari will be replaced by Former member of Rotting Christ for the upcoming summer tour!

After several tours across the globe and celebrating the release of the 4th album ”Constellation Of The Black Light” the Finnish winter metal band Wolfheart announces changes in their line-up. The guitarist Mika Lammassari (Eternal Tears of Sorrow & Mors Subita) leaves the band to focus on his other projects. No drama is involved.

Statement of the Guitarist Mika Lammassari about the separation from the band:

“So, this is something I would have never thought I´d have to do and it is one of the hardest decisions of my entire life. With a very heavy heart I have to inform you that I have decided to leave Wolfheart. For almost 6 years I´ve had the priviledge to call Tuomas, Joonas and Lauri, these gods amongst men, my friends and share some of the best experiences of my life with them. I would not change anything and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved as a band thus far. What has lead me to this decision is quite personal and I rarely share my thoughts publicly, but I do think the fans and the people supporting the band ultimately deserve to know the true reason, so I´ll try to open the situation a bit for you.

The past couple of years have been quite hectic in my personal life. Managing schedules of two active bands and loads of other music operations, being in between day jobs, starting new studies, supporting my family etc. These are of course mostly positive things keeping me busy, which I like. Yet, the one negative event that surely affected me the most was my fathers death in April 2018 after a prolonged fight against kidney cancer. This had a devastating effect on my motivation towards music and all my endeavors eventually came to a halt. I took an actual break from music for the first time in some 15 years.

During this time I cleared my mind and heart and come to this inevitable conclusion. My personal opinion is that what whatever you do, you should do it with full heart and 100% effort.  The last couple of years in Wolfheart, I have not been able to achieve this. It´s a lose-lose situation for everyone and this is the reason I feel the band needs to continue without me.  And please, don´t get me wrong, Wolfheart has always given me room for my own band, Mors Subita, and all the time I needed for my family and other “civil” duties. For this I have great respect towards the band. There has been quite frankly zero drama and everything has been kept very professional. This is why I love these guys so much.

As for now, I will continue on the writing process of the next Mors Subita album and other musical endeavors which will hopefully see the daylight in the coming fall. I´ve sincerely had an absolute pleasure to be part of the pack and I will surely miss my fellow wolfs! I´d like to thank Tuomas, Joonas and Lauri for a hell of a ride and hope nothing but total world domination for the band in the near future!

Last but definitely not least, I want to thank all the amazing fans who have supported the band and I hope will continue to do so. You rule with the force of a thousand suns!”

Vagelis Karzis a name who is known from greek Rotting Christ and Full House.BC will fill the shoes of Lammassaari for the upcoming summer tour across the Europe.

Statement of the Vagelis Karzis about the joining up with Wolfheart:

“I am honored and excited to announce that I will share the stage with the almighty Wolfheart this June as the lead guitarist for the huge European run with Carach Angren!”



Check out the music video for the song called “Breakwater”, here:

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