Lotan premieres lyric video for “Ignis”, black metal vortex of uncompromising music assault!

Danish black metal force Lotan premieres lyric video for “Ignis”, taken from the upcoming full-length record, which will be released in 2023 by Uprising! Records.

Starting with classical black metal injection, this songs delivers one powerful black essence. And with this fierce midtempo and rhythm section – it shows all of the quality of black metal itself. It also has this rock influence, which leads to black n’ roll genre – that is very well accepted  by this kind of audience. Coordination and balance are quite smooth, from vocals by Martin to the drum set, this catchy riffing. Especially with the midtempo riffing part and Martin’s vocals, it’s one of a king fusion in technical terms, showing some great music skills by this guys. Drum set is also greatly adapted to the song, chancing tempos and sounding so raw and skillful – adding this mighty effect to the song and this unique black metal vibe. Arrangements for whole song and other technical parts is outstanding, to be adapted so well with the song – from each tone, melody. And the best thing about it, that it is arranged in old school black metal vibe – with the help of good production. To have this modern approach, but for the essence to remain in this old school style. It is done in masterful way – with detailed approach to the arrangements, to sound so perfect in black metal manner.

Lotan Ignis

Martin sure give his best to present this song – with his awesome screams and growls. He’s technique is great and authentic, balanced and synchronized through out the whole song. Following the changes in the passages in sound and atmosphere of the song, he shows that he can deliver very synchronized approach, that follows perfectly the whole song – with all of the arrangement’s and adjustments of it.

The story of the song is about recent events, human contradictory approach towards ourselves and our world. There is war in Ukraine, there is financial crisis and many more to come – followed by the ones who rule this world. It is also about how we all stop caring about our surroundings, our ecology and ourselves, also others. We have many people that want to live forever, to glorify themselves – while everything they know is falling apart and world, as well. There are the ones, who ignore the disaster and their end, that will be caused by this things. They just look at it and do nothing. And many more bad things from humans, because they don’t know to go through right path and change themselves for a better world. To not be lead by those people that rule this planet, but to acknowledge ourselves, think for ourselves and not be deceived by false ideologies – that are deceptive by leaders of the world. It all leads to destruction, wars, taking away human rights, financial and ecological disasters and many other unhuman things. It is just about finding the right path, to fight and not let yourself be tricked by anything in todays society, propaganda, ideologies and everything else. This is an amazing storytelling by guys, showing their creative power of combining fierce aural black metal energy – with such mighty story and they did it perfectly.

This is one catchy black metal song – that has a quality of the best black metal acts like Dark Funeral or Bathory. It is one of the rare ones to hear – with this kind of quality. It is a mighty crusher for all of extreme senses – followed by awesome background story, that gives the rich effect to the whole extremeness in the first place. It is a powerful black metal – that delivers high – quality blasting – with the true essence of black metal mightiness.

Experience black metal in most powerful way.

Lotan (Leviathan) – The seven-headed dragon and the origin of chaos who began a war against the cosmic order and gods of Mesopotamia. Lotan is a black metal act from Denmark that mixes melodic black metal and black’n’roll with an aggressive overtone. Formed by Phillip Kaaber and Martin Rubini (both members of the renowned Danish Viking metal act Vanir), and joined by Lasse Guldbæk, Andy Dragsberg and Jon Schmidt. Lotan released two critically acclaimed EPs – “Nihil Sacrum” and “Angelus pestis” – in 2020 and 2021. And are now getting ready for yet another fierce release. This time it’s a full- length record Lotan that is to be released via Uprising! Records in early 2023.



Phillip Kaaber – guitars

Martin Rubini – vocals

Lasse Guldbæk Jensen – bass

Jon Schmidt – drums

Andy Dragsberg – guitar




Website of the label:





Check out the premiere for lyric video of ”Ignis”, below:

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