Metal Cross premieres the new official music video for “The Drone”, awake your senses and wake up through classical heavy metal domination!

Danish heavy metal force Metal Cross premieres the new official music video for the first song “The Drone”, taken from the new official upcoming record “Soul Ripper”– which will be released in 2022, via From The Vaults Records.

This song is one of the rare bad-ass heavy metal songs out there. It has all of the true, orthodox and classical heavy influences and approach. It starts in a heavy and furious way right from the start, heavy crushing riffs – with the dose of metal explosivity, gives this song a unique heavy mark – that is why it is such a perfect heavy metal crusher for heavy ears to consume. The riffs resemble of the riff pattern from Megadeth – which is a plus – the band sure did a fantastic job implementing this pattern in to their original sound – that was present in 80’s and 90’s, showing the bad-ass orthodox heaviness of metal in its honest and truest form. Vocals from the Vocalist Esben Fosgerau Juhl are very similar to James Hetfield’s from Metallica at some moment, like the technique and even vocals rage as well. Like James vocals, Esben’s are raw and stronglike they are meant to be, for classical heavy metal domination and power in the song. And the vocals presented more heaviness in the song and show more high quality to it.

Everything is balanced and coordinated with each other, passages are greatly arranged – so that the riffs and drum set can function at the same time, also with vocals to follow up in awesome way the passages and the explosive atmosphere of the song. The whole song is groovy, catchy, but with the dose of proper true metal approach to it. To awake all senses, lift up the adrenaline and that is what real heavy metal songs do. Solos are the last peace in the puzzle, giving the heavy punch – with a dose of mastery to it. Classical heavy metal solos that are adapted to the whole song in a great way – giving more catchiness and epicenes to the heavy metal dominator – to dominate heavy metal minds.

The lyrics of the “The Drone” are about todays tyranny, from the green corona passes to – Covid 19 restrictions and everything else – that is making us less humans and free. And of course in the video there are bar codes and eye scanning, leaving your own DNA samples  – for the once who obey the system and the spiritually corrupted and ill small group of people taking the human rights right in front of us. The song and video is telling you to trust yourself, since you can trust only yourself in this times – you are your own master. Why the title “The Drone”, because we are always being watched – to remember to be in fear, to obey.  The guys warned you, it’s up to you will you obey or not. And the message is clear don’t live in fear, fight for your life and freedom. The guys did excellent job – with the adapting the storyline and with the whole structure of the song. This song is a rebellious metal fist for the slavery of Brave New World.


Be heavy, be strong and open your eyes and mind in heavy metal style.



Thirty-eight years after their first rehearsal, seven years after their now mythical concert reunion at Metal Magic Festival, Danish cult heavy metal band Metal Cross is now ready to announce its first studio album. “The Drone” is the first digital single and video of the upcoming full-length record, and shows a band on top of their game, melting together the classic heavy metal of their now cult 80’s demos “Crucifying The Virgins” and “M.A.D.H.O.U.S.E.” with a renewed power and energy. It will indeed rip your soul and leave you thirsty for more from this Scandinavian heavy metal powerhouse.


It all began in 1983.During the eighties and prior to the break up in 1989, Metal Cross released two demo tapes: “Metal Cross” and demo two “M.A.D.H.O.U.S.E.” The band also contributed on two compilation albums. The band played concerts all over Denmark and shared scenes with other major Danish metal bands such as Artillery and Invocater. Metal Cross played the bands last concert in the hometown of Randers on December 16th in 1989 – shortly after the band dissolved.


In 2009, one of the band members were contacted by the record company Horror Records asking if the band would approve the company’s release of the band’s two demo tapes in a vinyl format. After a long period of time trying to retrieve the material from the old day’s, an agreement was reached to release the songs from the two old tapes. In addition, it was decided that the recording of the very last Metal Cross concert could also be used. In 2014 the double vinyl album “Metal Cross” was released. One LP with demo recordings and the other with the concert from 1989. In addition to this, a 7” bonus single with two live songs from another concert was released.


Following the release, Metal Cross was persuaded to play a single gig at the Metal Magic Festival in 2014. Prior to the festival performance, the band played a warm up gig for Artillery. After 26 years, Artillery and Metal Cross stood on the same stage one more time! The two jobs exceeded all expectations and Metal Cross is back in full action again, and has played several festival gigs in Denmark and always with great feedback from the audience.


In 2019 the former singer Henrik “Faxe” left the band and Esben Fosgerau Juhl took over his place and went directly into the studio. Metal Cross has since been doing and recording new material through the last couple of years and they’re now ready to finish up our new record “Soul Ripper”.

Metal Cross ambitions is not to be mistaken. They will hit all the small underground stages, to the bigger festivals and aim for a European tour as well.



Michael Steen Sørensen – lead guitar

Peter Mogensen – drums

Jon Lybæk – rhythm guitar

Ole Quist – bass

Esben Fosgerau Juhl – vocals





Check out the premiere for the new official music video for “The Drone”, below:

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