Mgła will perform in Belgrade/Serbia at Dom Omladine on September 18th!

Polish Gods of black metal Mgła will perform for the first time in Belgrade/Serbia at Dom Omladine on September 18th. Organized by MM Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers professional team that organizes the shows in Serbia. Once again they showed that they choice a great band for the show in Serbia, as they also did it before with other amazing bands.

Mgła are one of the strongest representatives of the new generation of black metal bands, and they had  positioned themselves to be one of the top metal band on the scene in a very short time. Without much promotions and without some big marketing tricks, the band built its status as one of the most known name on the black metal scene, thanks to its intriguing and extreme underground sound, and became an live attraction on major festivals as well at the other shows.

Support act for the show will Polish black metal bands Martwa Aura as well as Dagorath.

Tickets for sale are available in Gigstix and Ticketvision venues on August 1st at the price of 1500 dinars the first 50 tickets as a special edition, and can be ordered by e-mail: (1 email = maximum 2 tickets!), in pre-sale the cost of the tickets will be 1800 dinars, on the day of the concert it will be 2.500 dinars.



Martwa Aura:



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