Mighty Music Records releases ”The Pandemic Soundtrack Summer 2020” compilation!

Mighty Music Records releases the “The Pandemic” Soundtrack Summer 2020 compilation, many great bands are featured in this compilation , as well some kick-as songs, that will lift your spirit up in this strange, dark times and lighten up your day. The compilation contains 21 songs of the 21 artists from various bands and Danish well known metal, punk and rock bands, check out below more details about it:

Statement of the label about the compilation: 

” “The Pandemic Soundtrack” features 21 songs from 21 artists we released on Mighty Music in 2020 so far. Summer 2020 is upon us and we wish you all a good, long one. Keep safe and take care  and listen to heavy music. ”

“The Pandemic Soundtrack – summer of 2020” track-list:

01. Blood Red Throne – ”K.I.L.F”
02. Wayward Dawn – ”Apathy”
03. Silvera – ”Alive”
04. Vulcano – ”Evil Empire”
05. Justify Rebellion – ”Prisoner In Time”
06. Chronicle – ”Embrace The Abyss”
07. Freddy And The Phantoms – ”River Of Hate”
08. Withering Surface – ”Leaves in the Stream”
09. Blended Brew – ”Ancient Alien”
10. Vanir – ”Kringsatt av Fjender”
11. Transport League – ”Black Hole Sun (feat. Robert “Rob Guz” Ritchiesse)”
12. Stevie D. – ”Outta My Head (feat. Corey Glover, Doug Henthorn)”
13. Grumpynators – ”Blood And Bones”
14. Souls of Tide – ”Black Magic”
15. Junkyard Drive – ”Mama”
16. Meridian – ”Hungry For A Game”
17. Iron Angel – ”Sands Of Time”
18. Headless – ”Risin’ Up”
19. Electric Boys – ”The Lion’s Roar”
20. I’ll Be Damned – ”Through The Walls”
21. Black Swamp Water – ”Showdown”




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Check out the full stream of the compilation HERE.


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