Mike Tramp premieres the music video for the “The Road”, freedom anthem in a classical rock manner!

Mike Tramp premieres the music video for the ”The Road” (ex-White Lion, Freak Of Nature Frontman), taken from his upcoming new release “Second Time Around”, which will be out on May 1st, via Mighty Music Records.

Once again Mike Tramp strikes again with the songs about the life and positive things . The song starts in the classical rock Mike Tramp way with the vibes of that classical high road rock. Lyrics are about fighting for your life, taking the steps on that road called life and in the end being happy of your results and what you achieve in life.

This typical Tramp song will surely make the listeners feel encouraged about life, with the sweet light melodies in the song, which makes this song a true inspiration for all that go through tough times and – once again this one is a high road anthem, as well. Beautiful and inspirational images from the video, where Mike is in outdoors represent freedom of the one individual, also there is a part where Mike is in his room, playing his guitar enjoying his company – also the abandoned house part presents struggles, but at the end of the video the point is everything in life is going to pass and that the freedom is there waiting for you in the end, explained in the video where Mike is once again in outdoors being free and himself. Embrace the freedom through the divine sounds of classical rock.

Mike Tramp states this about the new music video/song:

“Life is a journey, where you travel an endless highway that goes up and down and in and out. It is here you find out who you are and what you are made of. Where you make decisions of where you’re going and and where you are not. When you come to the end of the journey and you look back at The Road you’ve traveled. No matter the good or the bad. You always want to do it again, and that is my commitment to rock’n’roll”.

Words & Music by Mike Tramp Produced by Soren Andersen & Mike Tramp
Mixed & Mastered by: Peter Mannson @ Mir Studio, Stockholm, Sweden

Recorded by: Soren Andersen @ Medley Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark

Additional Recording by; Mike Tramp @ Many Places & More

Audio finalizing: Henrik West

Photo credit: Jakob Muxoll



Check out the premiere for the music video for the “The Road”, here:

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