Ministry is going to held a concert in Belgrade in Serbia at June 4th, as part of their global tour!

One of the most important  industrial metal bands of all time Ministry from Chicago, will held a concert on Sunday June 4th, in Barutana at Kalemegdan.

Thier  stage performance has a high energy level, that reaches the audience, creating a great atmosphere, but the same thing can be also excepted in Belgrade.

They were established in Chicago in 1981, in their  earlier carrer they were a sythpop band. Already with the second release ” Twitch ” of 1986, and especially with the album ” The Land of Rape and Honey ”  they changed their  style of music and became pioneers of industrial metal. It was a reversal of the sound by which they became famous in music history.

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In the early nineties, the band experienced a global breakthrough, and a huge commercial success with the album ” Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs” with the song  ”Jesus Build My Hotrod ”, considered to be the most important song for the  industrial metal music. The album sold two million copies, and the band secured a place on the ‘‘Lollapalooza tour”, and opened the way to this  to mainstream path, their role models are Marlilyn Manson and Rammstein.

During the decade the group has passed a lot of musicians, the only original member of the Al Jourgesen, one of the legendary figure of alternative scene in the nineties.

For the Ministry it can be said that they are a combination between alternative rock, punk with  industrial sound.

Although it was believed that thier first and last time in Serbia on the Main Stage Exit Festival 2008, will be the last tour of  Ministry, and they also announced that they are on their last tour, the band regrouped in 2012. A year later, they released the album ” From Beer To Eternity ”, which is dedicated to the guitarist Mike Scacco.

Tickets for the Belgrade concert of Ministry, in the production of ” Strange Fear ”, and the tickets are available from Monday  March 20th, and they can be purchased on Eventim servis, price of the ticket is 2,490 dinars.