Nepthisis will release new song “Falling Ashes” on May 27th, releases teaser for it!

On the new moon of May 27th, dark cinematic project Nepthisis will return from the shadows to unleash their new song “Falling Ashes”. The single showcases the raw power of Vocalist Sheila Eden.

Having released their darkness-fueled, chaos-driven record ”Spiral Hollow” on January 21st.  Nepthisis is back and more sinister than ever with their new single, “Falling Ashes”. A rich soundscape of pounding guitars and haunting ambiance lay the foundations for Sheila Eden’s untamable vocal performance. From brooding contralto lows to operatic highs, and accented by blood-curdling extreme vocals, “Falling Ashes” is a mesmerizing display of the full range of Eden’s voice. A marriage of horror film score and heavy metal, “Falling Ashes” is an exceptional and fresh take on the gothic rock genre.

Spearheaded by multi-disciplined artist Sheila Eden, an award-nominated musician for film and television.

Nepthisis takes its inspiration from Egyptian mythology and the twin goddesses Nephthys and Isis. It dwells in the realm of modern female performers Chelsea Wolfe and Zola Jesus – combining industrial, electronic, and experimental rock with a gothic nuance while abandoning any hesitation in exchange for a more aggressive spirit unbound by genres.

Nepthisis  is a multi-faceted and dynamic musical discovery that will engulf fans in a shroud of the unknown. On May 27th, let the unyielding siren song of “Falling Ashes” – lead you into the murky and mysterious world of Nepthisis.






Sheila’s Personal Website:

Check out the teaser for the upcoming song “Falling Ashes”, below:

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