Nervochaos Announce “Nyctophilia Brasil Tour 2017” with Justabeli!

Brazilian death metal lords Nervocaos have announced their “Nyctophilia” Brasil Tour 2017, Pt. 1, kicking off on June 10th in Marilia/SP. The support comes from the death/black metal act Justabeli. See the full tour trek below.

Nyctophilia” Brasil Tour 2017 (Part 1 with Justabeli):

10.06 – Marilia/SP (Brasil) @ Cão Pererê
11.06 – Ribeirão Preto/SP (Brasil) @ Toca do Jack
12.06 – Campinas/SP (Brasil) @ Autorock
14.06 – Londrina/PR (Brasil) @ Cativeiro Bar
15.06 – Maringá/PR (Brasil) @ Tribus Bar
16.06 – Cascavel/PR (Brasil) @ Adega Nostra Vamos
17.06 – Foz do Iguaçu/PR (Brasil) @ TBA
18.06 – Guarapuava/PR (Brasil) @ TBA
20.06 – Joinville/SC (Brasil) @ Delinquents Bar
21.06 – Brusque/SC (Brasil) @ Rock Bar
22.06 – Fraiburgo/SC (Brasil) @ TBA
23.06 – Caxias do Sul/RS (Brasil) @ Cachacaria Sarau
24.06 – Rio Grande/RS (Brasil) @ Star Club
26.06 – São Leopoldo/RS (Brasil) @ Embaixada do Rock
27.06 – Passo Fundo/RS (Brasil) @ Claudião Drink Store
28.06 – Lages/SC (Brasil) @ Macaco Astronaut Pub
29.06 – Rio Negrinho/SC (Brasil) @ Magos Bar
30.06 – Criciuma/SC (Brasil) @ 512
01.07 – Sao Jose/SC (Brasil) @ Plataforma Rock Bar
02.07 – Curitiba/PR (Brasil) @ Blood Rock Bar
04.07 – Sorocaba/SP (Brasil) @ Sound
05.07 – Sao Jose dos Campos/SP (Brasil) @ TBA
06.07 – Araraquara/SP (Brasil) @ TBA
07.07 – Embu-Guaçu/SP (Brasil) @ Baguna Bar
08.07 – Cordeiropolis/SP (Brasil) @ Nonnalisa Music Bar
09.07 – Carapicuíba/SP (Brasil) @ Synple Pub
13.07 – Sao Paulo/SP (Brasil) @ Clash Club

Nervochaos released their seventh studio album ”Nyctophilia” on April 7th via Cogumelo (in Brazil), Greyhaze (in US) and distributed by Plastic Head (in Europe).

Nyctophilia” is an eclectic mix of all that characterizes the band, 13 new tracks of 80s-fueled blackened extreme music, executed in Nervochaos trademark: raw, aggressive and organic style of Metal. ”Nyctophilia” has a new intensity and it takes a step forward, compared to their older releases.

For the first time, the band recorded the album outside Brazil, spending a month in Como/Italy at Alpha Omega Studio along with producer Alex Azzali, who also did mixing and mastering of the new album. Also it’s the first album composed and recorded with the new line-up which features Lauro ”Nightrealm” on vocal/guitar, Cherry on guitar, Thiago ‘Anduscias’ on bass and the only remaining original member Edu Lane on drums. The album artwork was created by Alcides Burn, a talented Brazilian artist that has worked with acts such as Blood Red Throne, Acheron, Iconoclasm, Headhunter DC and many more to list. ”Nyctophilia”also features special guest vocals appearance by Sebastian L. of INTO DARKNESS and Leandro P. of R.N.S. plus one track, ”Vampiric Cannibal Goddess”, with the guitar riffs created by Bolverk of Ragnarok.

Nyctophilia” surely is the best album up-to-date from Nervochaos, which managed to evolve musically without losing the band’s proposal and trademark.

Nyctophilia” Tracklisting:

”Moloch Rise”
”Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam”
”Season Of The Witchv”
”Waters Of Chaos”
”The Midnight Hunter”
”Rites Of The 13 Cemeteries”
”Vampiric Cannibal Goddess”
”Stained With Blood”
”Lord Death”
”Dead End”
”World Aborted”
”Live Like Suicide”


Watch the lyric video ”Moloch Rise”, here:

Also check out the outstanding 360° live studio video for the song ”Total Satan”:

More information at:


Just recently the band unleashed their new 360° video for the song ”Ritualistic”, watch it below:

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