Nocturnal Graves announce Australian tour dates with Watain!

Nocturnal Graves have announced Australian tour dates in support of Swedish giants Watain. The rampage will kick off at the Max Watt’s in Melbourne of February 22nd, and continue to wreck havoc in Australia and New Zealand until a final curtain at the Galatos in Auckland (NZ) on the February 27th.

The band states this about the tour:

“It has been some time since we desecrated the stages of Australia, so we are proud to make our return alongside our Brothers in Watain and to finally present ‘Titan’ to the audiences of Australia…. furthermore, we will finally make our way to New Zealand for the first time, something we have anticipated for many years. Join us to make these shows rage with Blood! Fire! Death! We are ready to crush!”

Nocturnal Graves with Watain Australian tour dates:
22 Feb 19 Melbourne (AU) Max Watt’s
23 Feb 19 Brisbane (AU) Crowbar
24 Feb 19 Sydney (AU) The Factory
26 Feb 19 Wellington (NZ) Valhalla
27 Feb 19 Auckland (NZ) Galatos

Nocturnal Graves will be playing in support of their latest release ”Titan’‘.

NOCTURNAL GRAVES album cover 'Titan'

1. Resistance (6:44)
2. Roar of the Wild (3:41)
3. Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh (6:13)
4. Souls Tribulation (3:42)
5. And Hell Followed Them (4:15)
6. Bow before None (6:07)
7. Silence the Martyrs (3:34)
8. Titan (5:27)

Remember the famous blues legend about aspiring musicians meeting the devil at the crossroads, who offers artistic greatness in return for the souls of the eager seekers of fame? Well, a similar story can probably be told about Nocturnal Graves. Just exchange “fame” with “true old school spirit” and relocate the fateful meeting to the very point where black, death, and thrash metal grow in and out of each other – with each of these sub-genres being expressed in their earlier incarnations.

At exactly those crossroads you will find ”Titan”. The third full-length of the Australian veterans unashamedly celebrate the testosterone-driven raw aggression of the darker side of the ‘80s metal scene.

Each riff hits home hard with as much passion as precision.

Nocturnal Graves obviously love what they are doing and this shines through every brutal note. Song by song this band keeps the flame burning and their uncompromising conviction as well as execution sets ”Titan” apart from random nostalgia and makes the album fully relevant to the contemporary metal setting.

 Nocturnal Graves were originally formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. Two well-received demos, ”Profanation of Innocence” and ”Deathstorm” followed in the same year. Quickly scoring a record deal, the band officially released the ”Necromancer’ 7″ vinyl in 2006 before unleashing their cult debut full-length,”Satan’s Cross” the following year, which was re-issued with the stunning cover
art by renowned painter Paolo Girardi (Inquisition, Manilla Road,
Hierophant) in 2017.

When the Australians first hit Europe in 2009, they celebrated the event with ”The Gravespirit Sessions” split.

Former DESTRÖYER 666 and Razor Of Occam guitarist Shrapnel, as well as drummer L.W., joined in 2012.

Nocturnal Graves widely extended their international fanbase with the release of sophomore album ”…From the Bloodline of Cain” (2014), which resulted in an invitation to the 2016 edition of Maryland Deathfest and more shows in the US. The band supported the tour with a limited 7” EP ‘Sharpen the Knives / Lead us to the Endless Fire”.

Now,  Nocturnal Graves are getting ready to conquer the world with their highly anticipated forthcoming third full-length. ”Titan” is in every sense as big as the album’s name implies. Prepare for impact!

Production: Nocturnal Graves

Engineer: Jarro Raphael at I-HQ Recordings, Australia

Mix: Jarro Raphael

Mastering: Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz and Tom Beard at Deluxe Mastering

Recording line-up:
Decaylust: lead guitars, vocals
Shrapnel: lead guitars
J.R.: drums, rhythm guitars, bass, lead vocals

Current line-up:
R. Prain: bass, vocals
Shrapnel: guitars
Decaylust: guitars
J.R.: drums

Available formats:
Digipak CD
Gatefold LP in various colors

Cover art: Jai Raphael