Norrsköld is writing new material for next album!

Soon after the successful Eastern Europe tour with Amon Amarth, the Swedish “multi-metal” act  Norrsköld began writing material for their new album. The follow-up to the latest release “Withering Virtue – The second chapter” is planned to be recorded during the second half of 2018, with a preliminary release in early 2019.

Statement of the band about the writing process for the new album:

“Currently we have demo songs for about 10 songs, with more ideas constantly coming up. Following the classical trademark of Norrsköld, we aim at writing songs that are both brutal and catchy at the same time, where blast beats and devilish twin guitar harmonies are mixed with sections of pure evil in auditive format. We’re determined to write as exciting and original songs as we possibly can, while maintaining the melodic nerve that defines our music. As always, we do not fear to mix styles and influences in our songwriting, which gives us the edge of “multimetal”. The upcoming album will definitly please fans of classical melodic metal bands like Dissection, Arch Enemy and old In Flames while also giving the listeners new elements of melodic metal that have never been heard before. Keep an eye out for more updates on the album process, and make sure to follow Norrsköld on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Twitter!”

About Norrsköld:

Deriving from the cold forests of Sweden,  Norrsköld (formed in 2012) has entered the global metal scene to spread a unique metal sound, blending atmospheric black metal with melodic death/folk metal. Both the debut EP ” Blessings of winter ” (April 2013) and a year later the debut album ”Reflections of the night sky” gained a lot of overwhelmingly good reviews from all over the world. After releasing the EP ”Ridden” in April 2015, the band released a new double single “Shores Forsaken” in April 2016, followed by a music video of the title track. “Shores Forsaken” was promoted during an European tour together with the Swedish death metal veterans Nightrage. In March 2017,  Norrsköld released their second full-length album “Withering Virtue – The second chapter” (on Rexius Records), consisting of 12 fresh multimetal tracks and also featuring Marios Illioupolos from Nightrage as a guest musician. The album is already available in a CD format, and will also be available as a vinyl during the summer of 2017.

Watch the band’s first official Music video ”Shores Forsaken” (recorded in March 2016), the title track of the 2016 double single, here enjoy it:

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