Proscenium realised the song ‘’The Betrayal’’

Proscenium realised the song ‘’The Betrayal’’

proscenium, betrayal

Welsh Power Symphonic metal band realised thier new song ‘’The Betrayal’’.Also check out their other songs  ‘’ The Hangman’’ and  ‘’ Pantomime (Theatre of Dreams)’’.

This song is tehnically brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. The grow vocals are fitted phenomenally with the song, The lead singer  Lee, with his unugie and special voice made this song more interesting. On the album there are generic sounds that are integrated phenomenally with the song too. The song is about love, hatred and it talks about feeling hurt by the one your love, the dark emotions of betrayal, a disappointment, because you know you made a big mistake, and them hell is unleashed. Awesome song, with great vocals. Pure symphonic atmosphere, with ultimate symphonic metal masters. Enjoy the song.


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