Regarde Les Hommes Tomber released the full Roadburn Redux performance!

French black metal formation Regarde Les Hommes Tomber released the full live performance of their album ”Ascension”, which they played it fully at Roadburn Redux! The online festival took place on April 16-18th.

After having released a video for ”The Crowning” previously, the band’s full concert is now also available for watching. Check it out via the official Season of Mist YouTube Records channel HERE.

”Ascension” was released on February 28th 2020. The artwork was created by Fortifem. Listen to the full record HERE. The live video for ”The Crowning” that was released earlier can still be viewed HERE.

I. L’Ascension (1:49)
II. A New Order (8:04)
III. The Renegade Son (8:01)
IV. The Crowning (9:26)
V. Stellar Cross (8 :10)
VI. La Tentation (2:28)
VII. Au Bord Du Gouffre (8:53)

Total playing time: 0:46:50

Recording and Mixing: Francis Caste, Studio Sainte Marthe

Mastering: Francis Caste, Studio Sainte Marthe

Cover artwork: Fortifem



Vocals : T.C
Guitar : J.J.S
Guitar : A.M
Bass : A.B
Drums : R.R




Check out the full performance from the Roadburn Redux live streaming festival, here:

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