Sacramental Blood and Autopsy Night will be a support act for the Cannibal Corpse show at Novi Sad!

Serbian Death metal band Sacramental Blood and Russian brutal death metal band Autopsy Night will be a support acts for the Cannibal Corpse show at Novi Sad on Jun 11th at hall called Novosadski sajam  and it’s number is 6 in the organization of the MM Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers!

Statement of the organization for the show Serbian Hellbangers and MM Concerts about the show:

”If there is a band that does not need to write special announcements, then it’s safe Cannibal Corpse. The beginnings of the brutal death metal direction, a band that has never drifted away from its established road, a band that has never bowed to countless censors and bans.”

The tickets were on sale on March 6th through Ticketvision and Gigstix sale venues. The first 50 tickets were available at a special price of 1,900 dinars,  in the standard pre-sale they cost  2,400 dinars. On the day of the concert, the price of the tickets will be  2,800 dinars. Special printed old-school tickets will be available exclusively in Mungos and Felix venues.

Autopsy Night is the brutal death metal band from Russia, that has been formed in 1996. The band released several demos and EP’s, but also three official studio albums, the last of which was released in 2018 ” Anatomical Integrity Dissolution”. This year he will perform at the MetalDays Festival in Slovenia.

Sacramental Blood was shed in January 2002. Band immediately started strong live activity in Balkan part of Europe, rapidly gaining attention of fans with very brutal, aggressive, technical yet catchy death metal.

In 2006 Walk Records released debut material of Sacramental Blood, on split CD with Ophiolatry (Brazil). The title “Inception of Ceremony” symbolically referred to it’s ordinary number in band’s discography. Band promoted cd on European Blastour 2006 with Ophiolatry (taking part at Mountains of Death and Exit festivals), mini tours with Cripple Bastards and Dakon and numerous shows with Behemoth, Sinister and many other local bands.

In beginning of 2009 band started slowly tracking down the full length album, making short break for ”Storming the Balkans” 2009 tour with God Dethroned and Fleshgod Apocalypse. Recording sessions were completed after the tour but dissatisfaction with mix and some disagreements between band members put the band on hiatus after the show with Deicide.

After search for fresh blood, the new line up got together in 2011. To test new members, band recorded the 2nd demo and following the concept of naming after ordinary number of release, the material was entitled “The Second Death”. To promote the new demo and new line up, Sacramental Blood went on 2 weeks long ”Disgorging the Balkans tour” 2011, with Mexican Disgorge and Natron. “The Second Death” was released later in 2013 by Darzamadicus records as “Triple Death Threat” split cd with Heretical Guilt and Blasphererion.

During “Disgorging the Balkans” tour the chemistry between band members was great and band decided it was time to dig up and finish the debut album. New vocalist/guitarist re-recorded some old tracks and gave new sound to Sacramental Blood. The band hired Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance, Beheaded, Eyeconoclast…), who reamped, mixed and mastered album in The 16th Cellar studio (Rome). The result is 3rd material called “Ternion Demonarchy”.

Sacramental Blood has played so far 3 EU tours and several mini tours, playing more than 100 shows in Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia, Turkey, Czech Republic and Romania, sharing the stages with Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Vader, Sinister, Destruction, Behemoth, God Dethroned, Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dead Congregation, Disgorge, Natron, Skinless, Arsebreed, Visceral Bleeding, Hypnos, Cripple Bastards, Ophiolatry, Christ Agony, Hobbs’ Angel of Death amongst many others…

Check out more details about the show at Facebook event HERE.



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Check out the official lyric video for song called “Sanctimonious” from Sacramental Blood here, enjoy it:

Check out the music video of the Autopsy for the song called “Депривация человечности” here, enjoy it:


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