Sailing Before The Wind premieres the official new song for the “Cross The Ocean (re-recorded)”, cross the ocean through the sounds of the melodic metalcore!

Sailing Before The Wind

Japanese metalcore crushers  Sailing Before The Wind premieres the official new song for the “Cross The Ocean” (re-recorded) from their first EP, “Horizon” (2011), which is released independently by the band.

“Cross The Ocean” is one of those song with unique approach to the melodies, melodic adaptions to the song in general – that are the highlight of the song from the start till the end – combined with excellent drum set, vocal coordination by Kneeya in the song, both fast riffs and the generic slam riffs – making this song just an awesome metalcore experience of melodic power, followed by that true metalcore essence, that the fans of the genre and other listeners will just love.

The fast tempo of the song followed by the melodic sounds, present’s the song as a roller-coster of the great arranged sounds, fused with the amazing production, that gives this song that devastating vibe, but also a smooth one as well – showing once again that this song is just melodic divinity – with the great rhythm section to it – making this song a classical metalcore demolisher, that will catch the listeners of guard every second of it and it has this effect, that good song needs to have in it’s core, for sure this one has that – that is why this is metalcore song that the fans of the genre need to listen to.

In this song as well, there is a great balance between the vocal arrangements and the whole melodic specter of the song, drums as well – it’s just a supersonic ride of the experiences sounds. Everything is coordinated in that precise way, but at the same time it’s chaotic – with all of the sounds, melodies to it – which shows that this song is just a great one – with this divine aspects that created this harmonizing, but chaotic atmosphere. And that is what the metalcore is all about and the guys from the band presented the that true essence of the genre in the outstanding way, accompanied by their creativity in a special way, creating this melodic/super sonic atmosphere of magnificent sounds and melodies.


Influences of the band are basically from the bands like  August Burns Red, Phinehas and with the melodic part that the band added, some melodic death influences that can be heard in some parts of the song from In Flames, Soilwork and The Duskfall, but the bands music reminds of Buller For My Valentine and Killswitch Engage music as well, the vocals/growls reminds of the former Killswitch Engage Vocalist Howard Jones, which is a plus that it reminds of his vocals, since Howard is one of the most famous and authentic vocals of the genre of course, this are the vocals that created this specific vibe in the song, that are all over the place so vicious with the rage to it, in the metalcore style, presenting the best side of the song. The main influences created this ultimate melodic metalcore atmosphere and melodic death metal influences gave the song it’s raw and melodic essence, giving the song that tough, vicious atmosphere  – that the band adapted to their own way of playing music and style perfectly. Showing how complex and amazing this song, a melodic metalcore divinity of power.


This song present’s metalcore in it’s true original form, like it’s suppose to be. It shows the band quality and the high level of creativity, regarding the melodic parts of the song – listeners better be prepared for some metalcore domination.

Embrace the smooth sounds of metalcore’s power in melodic style. 

Sailing Before The Wind is a Japanese metalcore band formed in Tokyo in 2011, operating as a fully independent with no label and no management. Throughout its history, the band had numerous line-up changes, leaving bassist and Bitoku who writing and engineering every song of the band’s releases as the only constant member. At present the band consisted of five members, Bitoku with four recruited members whose playing live but also recording songs.

The band gained a growing underground fan base from their 2012 EP “Judgement” and followed by 2016 EP “Sanctuary”.

After releasing 6 EPs and many tours, Sailing Before The Wind highly recognized in Japanese metalcore scene recent years. Previous EP “Revised Standards” (2019) ranked #2 in Japanese Apple Music Metal chart next to Babymetal. That EP featured guest vocals from Thomas Pirozzi of Sienna Skies, Al and Nick Boltz of A Scent Like Wolves (We Are Triumphant records).

And single called “Resistance” (2019) ranked #14 in Japanese Apple Music’s Metal chart that only artist in Top 20 other than Babymetal. The upcoming new single is the release for the first time in a year since the previous single called “Intro” (2020).

Bitoku is also well-known as former touring Bassist (2014-2015; 2016–2018) of Crystal Lake (SharpTone Records). He went to UK / Europe with the band for their first headline tour. 5 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France), nine shows with Aviana (Sweden) and All Faces Down (Austria).

They have toured with Sienna Skies, Isotopes, A Scent Like Wolves, Shoot The Girl First. Shared stage with Alpha Wolf, Aviana, Bleed From Within, Carousel Kings, Despite Exile, Emmure, Erra, In Hears Wake, Lions Lions, Napoleon, Of Virtue, Ocean Ate Alaska, Thy Art Is Murder, The Unguided, Void of Vision, Wage War, and many more. Festival Appearance: Scream Out Fest 2015, True North Festival 2017. *Both are biggest metalcore festival in Japan were held at the 2,400 capacity Shinkiba Studio Coast.


Recording line-up:

Kneeya – Vocals, now singing in ovEnola
Takaya – Guitar, now playing in SLOTHREAT
Bitoku – Bass, producing, writing, mixing and mastering.

Additional musicians:

Hiroki – Drums arrangement
Ryoichi, Daisuke, Kosuke – backing vocals
Those four members are current band’s line-up playing with Bitoku.




Check out the official premiere for the song “Cross The Ocean (re-recorded)”, here:

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