Scarlatamusic will release upcoming EP “Skatepunk” in 2023!

”Skatepunk” delivers a guitar-driven onslaught of intricate melodies and intense rhythms laced with lashing of distortion as a upcoming offering – from Scarlatamusic. The new EP will be released on January 20th, 2023 and follows the debut full-length ”Power Through” – that was released back in April 2022.

Skatepunk’s opener “HyperActive” brings energetic beats with high-speed rhythms and compelling leads. Harmonized leads venturing into oriental scales introduce an intriguing aspect to the track before diving back into speed-metal performance styles. Moving into more traditional metal influences. “Mind Reader” brings melodic guitars and thrashing percussion in to showcase another side to Scarlatamusic’s sound. High-speed rhythms and thunderous percussion sees soaring leads weave throughout the sound as it progresses. The trio of songs concludes with the title track. A wall of fuzz-fueled distortion explodes with a huge impact. “Skatepunk” makes it’s presence known venturing down the noisier route with Scaralatamusic’s chosen guitar tones. Dynamically the instrumentation ebbs and flows conveying a range of moods.


Scarlatamusic Skatepunk


1. HyperActive
2. Mindreader
3. Skatepunk

About artist:

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Scarlatamusic, a self-taught instrumentalist, produces dynamic tracks that show off a wealth of heavy and soaring styles. Song writing began in earnest back in 2016 and the summer of 2020 saw the release of the debut EP ”Metal-Baby” fully self-produced.


John Scarlata (guitar, bass, drums, vocals)


Arnaud Krakowka of Metal Drum Tracks (drums in “Mindreader” & “Skatepunk”)



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