Selfmachine sign with Pimp (Management) and re-sign with Wormholedeath!

Selfmachine sign with Pimp (Management) and re-sign with Wormholedeath!


Dutch modern metallers Selfmachine are proud to announce they have signed a management  deal with Pimp (Netherland based legendary agency).

They have also re-signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath Records for the release of their sophomore album (recorded @ RealSound Studio (Parma) during February)!

Selfmachine stated:

We are very proud to announce that Selfmachine will now be represented by PIMP (Professional Independent Music Promotion). This great agency has over two decades of experience in the music business and we are very honoured that they welcome us into their exclusive roster! Over the years we’ve had talks with different people about managing our band, but it never quite felt right. Peter Schaap from PIMP agency came highly recommended by our friend Eric Hazebroek from Stream of Passion, and after a few meetings we were convinced he was indeed the right man for the job! Together with PIMP and our label WormholeDeath, we are now working on a plan to promote our upcoming album in the biggest and best way possible (stay tuned for more info!). The future is looking bright now that our merry band of musical whores finally has a proper PIMP to represent us!”

About Selfmachine:

Groove and melody, heaviness and catchyness. These are a just couple of words describing the ‘Modern Metal’ sound of Selfmachine. Like a bearded Michael Jackson driving a monster truck through the hills of Teletubbieland. The first seeds for this band were planted by bassist Mark Brekelmans after his previous exploits Xystus and Equilibrio came to an end late 2010. After recording their debut album, the band signed a worldwide distribution and promotion deal with Wormholedeath/Aural music. Digital distribution to all online stores was carried out by the Orchard. Selfmachine’s ‘Broadcast Your Identity’ was released in February 2014. The album received many positive reviews and was even awarded ‘Dutch release of the year’ by Global Metal Apocalypse.
To promote the album, the band recorded a music video for the song ‘Breathe To Aspire’ and played many live shows throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Selfmachine embarked on their first European Tour supporting internationally acclaimed bands Otep and The Agonist In March 2015. The band holds the firm belief that a live-show should be more than just a bunch of guys on a stage, playing music. It should be an experience, something to engage in and something to remember. Selfmachine is there to have fun, rock your socks off and broadcast their identity!

Broadcast Your Identity (2014 – Wormholedeath Records)

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Source: WormholeDeath


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