Shadowspawn  premieres the new official animated video for the ”Dark Down Take Me”, death metal darkness is coming to corrupt you with some death metal chaos and power!

Danish death- force  Shadowspawn  premieres the new official animated video for the ”Dark Down Take Me” , taken from the new third record “The Biology of Disbelief”, released via Emanzipation Productions. They have teamed up with the American stop-motion animation company Workshed Animation to show the dark and sinister aspect of the song.

Are you ready for the dark story of the pleasure and desire for the dark power within one individual? If so your going to witness a dark horror story followed by vicious sounds of death metal. Shadowspawn once again delivers a high quality death metal, that has coordinated riffing, drum set – that are balanced and fused with the growls, so clean and perfectly. This song is from beginning intense, raw, brutal and uncompromising until the end – filled with the true old school death metal touch, that this band carries out so smoothly. And with such dose of easiness

Riffs are produced an arranged very carefully, every tone and sound is precisely adapted to the riffing part – as well – with the growls, everything just floats so great in the right direction. Planned and organized by the band in a perfect manner.  Drum set follows riff pattern perfectly, growls as well. All of this created this old school death metal mastery – for the death metal ears and extreme metal ears to consume all over again.

This song reminds me of Cannibal Corpse work and Corpsegrinder’s growls, as well. The band incorporated this influence in this song, riff pattern is very similar to Cannibal Corpse’s one. Very good one, since they nourish the orthodox death metal sound . They did an fantastic job – with this influences, creating the great death metal structure for their own unique sound. And the result is brutal uncompromising death metal demolisher.

The lyrics are about dark passion and obsession with dark spirituality and power. Being your own  independent force of destruction,  also rebellious, powerful, evil and strong.  About how the wicked/dark side can sometimes good for you, if you know how to handle it or ready to handle it and control it.  It is about being a prayer, not a pray – about being dominant over all and above all around you. Being ruthless, at the top of your hunting game in life – always at the top on the dark side of life.  And the video is produce in an amazing war, inspired by some animated horror movies like “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, greatly adapted idea – with the all of the gruesome and brutal vibe.

Of course the story of the video is done in awesome way. It goes with the story in lyrics and it is amusing and interesting to watch, for sure the viewers will love it, also the originality that is implement in the video. Little horror movie, followed by the death metal soundtrack for hell, more sinister lyrics – gives a total feast  of uncomfortable flavors, that can rot for eternity, a smell of death – hollowing sounds of darkness. Death metal darkness always has it ways to crawl under skin and mind – in this case in is the vortex of total brutal darkness, spreading all over the place. Presetting the ultimate orthodox death metal in its truest and finest form.

Embrace your own darkness, through the power of death metal destruction.

Since the release of the former album “Hope Lies Dormant”. The band worked tirelessly to bring more depth, more dynamics, more groove and even more aggression into their sound. “The Biology of Disbelief” consists of ten groovy death metal tracks, set in a abstract lyrical world of steampunk and religious criticism. A story told in abstract yet precise and critical terms, concerning religion, misinformation and disbelief.


The drums are recorded and produced by Tue Madsen at renowned Antfarm Studios. Otherwise mixed and produced by the band itself. Recorded during the fall of 2020 at both Antfarm and our own studio.

Tue Madsen states this about the bands music:

“Good quality old school death metal, which is always good for the soul”.


Bassist Kevin Dam replays:

“Working with Tue Madsen has been a great experience, and helped us a lot in our goal to achieve the dynamic yet tight sound of this record. Growing up with bands like Illdisposed, Carcass, Benediction and Asphyx, sets the tone and of course some musical inspiration as to where we are going and what influences us.”



Nicolai Cheung: guitars

Kelvin Dam: bass

Bue Torin Jensen: vocals

Oliver Ragnar Larsen: guitars

Danni Jelsgaard: drums






Check out the official premiere for the new official animated music video for the  “Dark Down Take Me”, below:


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