Silver premieres the music video for the “Unafraid”, power rock ballad about setting your heart free!

Danish pop-rockers Silver premieres the music video for their third song “Unafraid”, via Mighty Music Records.

After the two successful songs and music videos “Let’s Go” and “The End” , this one is not so different from the previous ones, but in some way it is – this one is a power rock ballad, sadder then the previous two ones, it’s quite emotional with the great location, which will be yet again interesting for the viewers and fans – also the band once again shoot the great video with the great production, that follows the story and the  lyrics, perfectly.

Great combination of riffs, vocals by Morten and great balance between lower parts of the songs with the faster ones, making this song a love sad anthem with a touch of power  to it in that rock style, that never fades away, awesome catchy love song. Lyrics are about a break-up in a relationship, or a bad relationship that will end soon, where he try to fix the things, but at the same time he is over it, setting herself/himself free from the toxic magic circle that she/he is in it – which will for sure make the listeners emotional, but at the same time someone will recognized themselves in the story. Catchy rock ballad that will stay in the mind of the listeners with the sad melodies that this song has, but at the same time as well as the good message in it that sets some hearts free, like the true anthem for the brokenhearted and the ones the ones that will set themselves free.

Sets your heart free through the sounds of the rock guitar. 


Statement of the Morten Bytoffe Vocalist and Guitarist about the new music video/song:

“The song is about the courage to break out of a damaged relationship; to deal with the point of no return. The message is very wide, but it is open to interpretation for the individual listener. It gives the listener the opportunity to relate to the song on a more personal level. “Unafraid” is about taking control of your own life and not letting others decide what you should do.”

Written together with Danish pop comet Nicklas Sahl.

Recorded and mixed at Medley Studio (Glenn Hughes, R.E.M, Prince) with Soren Andersen.

Produced by: Morten Madsen, Popshit Film

Drone shots by: videomageriet

Thanks to Peter Rasmussen for location at Scandia Factory, Randers!



Check out the premiere for the music video of the “Unafraid”, here:

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