Silvera premieres the music video for the “The Reckoning”, rock salvation in the name of honor and freedom!

Danish hard rock act Silvera premieres the music video for the “The Reckoning”, via Mighty Music Records.

Mix of Nickelback, Volbeat and 3 Doors Down influences created some sort of catchy great music, made by this band – this song is no exception at all. The video starts with some girl running from something, and then continuing with some heavy riffs, great introduction for the story, very creative intro with a good story line.

The song continues with some heavy/hard riffs and authentic vocals by Vocalist Michael Krogh, who sounds like Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.  In the video girl is running from the killers, but at the end she is free from control and abuse of the higher power and that’s the point of it all, that at the end no one can take your freedom away, ever, but at the very end the evil is everywhere and it will be always present to hunt someone down. The main massage by this video/song and the band is that even if the evil is everywhere haunting you down, you still have you freedom to fight for and the band did an excellent job presenting it in a best possible way. Great modern rock song, with great melodies that has true rock spirit to it and the listeners will enjoy it, from the begging till the end.

Rock salvation, through honor and freedom.

This band  had a massive airplay on rock radio stations all over the world for their for singles, including A Rotation on myROCK (Bauer Media rock station in Denmark). All four singles have 300.000 + plays on Spotify.

The song was recorded, produced and mixed by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat). For fans of Nickelback, Volbeat and 3 Doors Down.



Michael Krogh – guitar, vocals
Simon Krabbesmark – guitar, backing vocals
Rasmus Lindegård Hovde – bass, backing vocals
Jens Gade – drums



Check out the premiere for the music video of the “The Reckoning”, here:

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