Silvera premieres the official music video for the “Something Else”, journey through love, devotion and hope, followed by the sounds of melodic hard rock!

Danish melodic hard rock masters Silvera premiers the official music video for the “Something Else”, taken critically acclaimed debut new record “Edge Of The World”, released via Mighty Music Records.

Here we are all finally in 2021, after the weird and horrible 2020. And what a beginning it is with the brand new music video for the new song “Something Else” from the debut critically acclaimed record ”Edge Of The World” – that got on many Top lists around the world, as well on the Demon Reports Top 10 list.

This song is surely points out the best of their record and it is the most heaviest one of it as well. Let’s get back to the song, it starts with some heavy generic riff intro – accompanied by some groove sounds and rhythm section – very well adapted with Michael vocals, creating that catchy rock moment, that the listener’s will fully enjoy. The whole melodic/ groove atmosphere of the song is just perfectly balanced through out the whole song – with the all technical part of the song, making this song just a flawless melodic/groove divinity as it is – with all of the euphoric  rock spirit to it, present in the song from the beginning  till the end.

The lyrics talk about the intimate  relationship with someone you love, a girlfriend, someone in the family or a friend  – it depends on how you acknowledge the song. It is also about the devotion and sacrifice pushing everything aside for someone that matters to you. Powerful emotions of this song are presented in that special and amazing way by the chorus of Michael in the song, also the great thing about it is  the arrangements added to the vocals – that present’s that emotions of the whole story just in the perfect way – since it talks about some choices that we all need to face at some point of life – but with the dose of hope to it, which adds the true charm to the song – that nothing in life is over or impossible. There are also in the video outstanding images of the sea – that goes along with the story, since the sea somehow represents freedom and the video maker/director came up with the perfect idea to add this element to the song. This will be the true enjoyment for the viewers as well – that will also enjoy the sounds of the perfect song – with the great positive message in the end to it and that is love and hope.


Experience the true meaning of love, hope and devotion, through the sounds of melodic hard rock.


Vocalist Michael Krogh states this about the new music video and the song:

“”Something Else” is reflecting on those persons that are so devoted to one thing that they push everything aside”. On one hand it is truly admirable and inspiring and on the other hand you feel sad for all of the opportunities they are missing in life.”


It’s time for a melodic hard rock injection. Silvera, from Denmark, is heavily inspired by classic hard/heavy rock music. A musical hybrid of American radio rock like Nickelback and Alter Bridge with a Scandinavian punch, not unlike fellow Danes Volbeat. Their debut album “Edge Of The World” is now here, following a brilliant trail of official song videos and singles that brought the band more than 1.000.000 plays on Spotify.


Michael H Andersen CEO from Mighty Music first reaction to the album:

“I’ve completely fallen for the Silvera album! In no way had I imagined an album this strong. This has tremendous international potential and is some of the best Danish hardrock I’ve released ever. Both the songwriting, production, and completion.”


Jacob Hansen, of Hansen Studios (Volbeat, Pretty Maids), where “Edge Of The World” was recorded, was no less impressed:

“Once in a while, you come across bands that are a total hidden gem. Silvera came out of nowhere with talent and work ethic out of the ordinary!”


The band was formed in 2017 by Michael Krogh, Simon Nilsson Krabbesmark, Rasmus Lindegård Hovde, and Jens Gade. The four have been playing together since 2015 as the Danish hard rock band Malfunction. Malfunction is now dissolved and thereby made way for not only a change in name but also a slight change in the music style, broadening the span from the softer style of ballad to the punching power of hard rock.



Video directed by: Directed by: Niklas Petersen

Courtesy Of: NP visuals


 Line up:

Michael Krogh, Thisted – guitar, vocals

Simon Nilsson Krabbesmark, Skive – guitar, backing vocals

Rasmus Lindegård Hovde, Nykøbing M – bass, backing vocals

Jens Gade, Nykøbing M – drums


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