Sólstafir will held a concert in Belgrade at Dom Omladine with a support act Myrkur and Árstíðir on December 4th and released a announcement for the show and the message for the fans in Serbia!

Icelandic rock/metal masters Sólstafir are going to held a concert at Dom Omladine in Belgrade on December 4th with support acts  Árstíðir and special quest Myrkur with Amalie Bruun that arrives in front of the atmospheric black metal project. Be there and have an amazing time.

Tickets were on sale from July 28th at the price of 1,600 dinars (the first 50 tickets) for the concert. The tickets will cost 2.000 in the official pre-order, and on the day of the concert, 2,500 dinars. The outlets are well-known shops Felix in Belgrade and Mungos in Novi Sad, as well as Eventim network.


MH Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers stated this about the Sólstafir:

“In the next steps, the band creates its striking and original style, and today with the latest Berdreyminn album without hesitation, we can freely say standing on the shoulders with the best-rated and strongest names of today’s post-rock/metal scene. After years of testing and anticipation, finally, with great pleasure, we can announce the arrival of Icelandic wolves in Serbia.”

Statement of the MH Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers about the Mykur:

“Myrkur, from the very beginning, attracted a lot of attention from both fans and the media, but also caused a lot of controversy due to its unusual and different approach to the black metal sound. The band was created, and it still officially exists as a solo project, while the live performances are performed with a complete set. In Belgrade, we will present the new album Mareridt, which will be on sale in September of the current year”.

Check out their announcement for the concert in Belgrade for the fans in Serbia, also for Serbian Metal Portal here, enjoy it:

Until the concert check their music video for ”Hula” here, enjoy it:

Check out the music video of Árstíðir for ”Á meðan jörðin sefur” here, enjoy it:

Check out the music video, until the concert for Myrkur  here, enjoy it:

For more information go the main event for the show HERE.