Soren Andersen premieres the music video for “Skybar”, melodic paradise through Skybar from heavens!

Soren Andersen premieres the music video for the “Skybar”, taken from the upcoming new release “Guilty Pleasures”, which will be out on October 4th, via Mighty Music Records.

Soren Andersen is very well know for his virtuous guitar playing, telling different stories with his guitar. After the successful music videos for the “City of Angels” and “Bird feeder”, Soren released again something completely different, this song has that chilling beach vibe of the 80’s, with the melodic approach to the sounds that is literally from the 80’s, which creates some positive atmosphere with some groove melodic sounds and rhythm, that will sure surprise listeners in a very positive way, and they will repeatably listen to the song all over again, because it’s extremely catchy.

The drum parts of the Marcus Linnet are just so technically perfect, he basically follows Soren’s every tone in the perfect manner, all the way until the end of the song.

There is also very talented Ida Nielsen who owned the bass at the begging of the song, and her intro is just epic,  she rocked that bass guitar in a powerful way, until the end of the song, showing some great skills as a bassist, since the bassist are know as the ones who are bad musicians in one band, but Ida showed that the bass players are no joke.

Her groove guitar playing is just pure madness in a positive way, she is rocking it, like a true rock star, and also follows Soren’s guitar in a very tactical way, with some outstanding tactical playing , that goes along with Soren’s virtuosity.  On the second main drums is Morten Hellborn he did a great job also, following the rest of the musicians creating this awesome masterpiece

Soren continued to shred his guitar, made some epic groove melodic sounds with some element’s of the 80’s, this song is going to get a good feedback by the fans, and it will be quite inspirational and fresh while listening to it. Groove rock sounds from the Skybar from heavens, once again brings rock paradise to Earth.


Soren Andersen on the video: 

“This is my celebration of the mid 80’s to the max! Miami Vice, Axel F, Topgun and so on… It’s time to put pink gel in the hair and tighten those hightops. Featuring Ida Nielsen on bass (Prince) and Marcus Linnet on electric Simmons drums. I invited Marcus to lay down some drum fills on the track because of his work with Anne Linnet & Marquis De Sade. The story goes that Anne imported the first set of Simmons drums to Denmark back in the early 80s, and yes: We used the original pads and drum machine for the recordings of Skybar. Ida and I have a long history of different work over the last 10 years, so it was obvious to invite her on board for this song, and she said yes! Ida took this track to next level and I decided to name the song after her. We did a show together 2 years ago on a rooftop bar in Los Angeles, so in my love an respect for her, I named the track: “Skybar”!”


Line-up for the song:

Soren Andersen: Guitars & keys

Morten Hellborn: Drums

Ida Nielsen: Bass

Simmons drums: Marcus Nielsen


You might know him for his 10 year long relationship as the guitarist for Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple), but the 46 year old Dane Soren Andersen is much more.

Producer, co-owner of famed Medley Studios in Copenhagen, ambassador for world class equipment like TC Electronic, Yamaha Guitars and Line 6 and of course playing the six strings with a bunch of other great musicians.

These include Mike Tramp (ex-White Lion), Marco Mendoza and Tommy Aldridge (ex-Whitesnake / Thin Lizzy), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow), Pretty Maids, The Dead Daisies, The Answer, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Eric Martin and Billy Sheehan (MR. Big), Artillery, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Phil Campbell (ex-Mötorhead), Electric Guitars, Jesper Binzer (D:A:D).

His work as producer and guitarist on the Glenn Hughes album ”Resonate” made more people take notice of the brilliant Danish guitar player.

For instance the maestro Joe Satriani who had this to say to the music site Music Aficionado:

“I’ve been listening to this record a lot. The songs go by and I go, “Wow, listen to that!” This guitarist is somebody I don’t know who’s also the co-producer, Soren Andersen, and man, he’s so good. It’s always cool when you hear somebody new who really impresses you. […] A guy like Soren Andersen is totally into the future. His playing is very natural-sounding, and he manages to perform to the songs while still putting in some crazy textures. His choice of notes is interesting—every time I put the record on, I go, “Hey, I didn’t hear that before.” I love when an album does that to me. Glenn has always played with great guitarists, and he’s got another one with Soren Andersen.”

Soren Andersen has previously released records of his own and he’s now taken his passion for the guitar to the next level in releasing an instrumental guitar album in the style of Joe Satriani/Steve Vai himself with all songs written by himself.

Soren states the about his upcoming new release:

”This kind of album has been a dream of mine since I sat in math class and drew pictures of Marshall stacks in my school books when I was 14-15 years old. The songs have just added up over the last 30 years and this is the right time for me to finally fulfill this lifelong dream”. I have learned that I’ve made a bit of a name for myself around the world and I’ve have often been asked for my own records especially after my performances with Glenn Hughes. I know I’m not in the same league technically as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and stylistically it’s way more inspired by 80s movie soundtracks, where I first fell in love with the lead melodies being played on the guitar as opposed to being a lead vocal line. But I promise I will deliver my 26 favourite tricks on the album.”

The album features guest appearances from among others Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza and fellow Dane Ida Nielsen (Prince). First single from the album is the sun-soaked ”City of Angels” about his beloved Los Angeles with a music video shot around Venice Beach and Hollywood.



Check premiere of the music video for the “Skybar”, here:

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