Soren Andersen premieres the music video for the song “Bird Feeder” feat Chad Smith/Glenn Hughes (Red Hot Chili Peppers, ex-Deep Purple), rock bird anthem, that awakes the spirit of nature trough rock godless sounds!

Danish Guitarist Soren Andersen known for his career and work with Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple), over 10 years, and also his work with many known artists, premieres the music video for the song “Bird Feeder” featuring  Drummer Chad Smith/ Guitarist Glenn Hughes (Red Hot Chili Peppers, ex-Deep Purple), taken from the Soren’s upcoming new release “Guilty Pleasures”, which will be release in October 4th, via Mighty Music Records.


Soren recently released the music video for the “City of Angels”, which had that fast tempo, outstanding solos, and a background story that flows through veins with some divine sounds, but with this one Soren present a true masterpiece, that has a true power and spirit of the wild, with whole virtuous technical mastery, that will leave the listeners in the state of enjoyment.

Powerful melodies of this song, somehow present that true natural vibe of the forest, wild spirit, and the theme of the music video is also shoot at the location with threes and all the wild stuff around it at Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo, animals, and of course mainly birds, and it’s perfectly fused with the song, as well the story of it.

Drum part of Chad Smith from the rock legends Red Hot Chill Papers is very well balanced with the whole song, and solo parts, making the song a true bird anthem that is wordy of listening. Soren’s style of playing music, reminds of the true solo guitar legend Steve Vai, both have that specific complex approach of playing music, and that is why Soren is so special and unique like Steve as well, and he adds that melodic flavors to his music, with true emotions to the song, every melody and rhythm tells the story of the song, also present’s the right emotions, because sometimes a great guitarist can present the true emotion, and story with-out vocalist.

The song it’self is cheerful, beautiful and relaxing for listening, which is also one more reason why it’s such an amazing song. Glenn Hughes did a great job with the bass part, it follows Soren’s solos and mastery, perfect combo of two rock masters, and that is not a surprise, because they collaborated for many years, and the result is godless music with the power of the nature by their side. The rock bird anthem followed by spirit of nature/wild has never been so alive, and divine.

With his new album, “Guilty Pleasures”, which is a guitar-oriented instrumental record Soren Andersen shows his dynamic and fluid playing and, above all, his surprising writing skills.

Soren Andersen states this about the new song:

“Chad came around my studio during the recordings of Glenn’s album “Resonate” in 2016. Chili Peppers were headlining Roskilde Festival that week and Chad decided to spend his day off laying down some drums on a few tracks for his good friend Glenn Hughes. After that session Chad and I became friends and about a year later, Chad was back in Denmark on tour with Chili Peppers texting me: Let me know if you need drums on any tracks […] So he came down and jammed for a few hours and one of those jams turned out to become Bird Feeder. I told Glenn about the track and as the beautiful human being he is, he offered to play bass on the track to complete the circle.

I love birds! I have a small bird feeder right outside my kitchen window and I love to look at them eating.  So I named the song Bird Feeder because of that, and we shot the video in a tropical nature park full of birds for the same reason”.

Soren is also a Producer, co-owner of famed Medley Studios in Copenhagen, ambassador for world class equipment like TC Electronic, Yamaha Guitars and Line 6 and of course playing the six strings with a bunch of other great musicians.

These include Mike Tramp (ex-White Lion), Marco Mendoza and Tommy Aldridge (ex-Whitesnake / Thin Lizzy), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow), Pretty Maids, The Dead Daisies, The Answer, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Eric Martin and Billy Sheehan (MR. Big), Artillery, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Phil Campbell (ex-Mötorhead), Electric Guitars, Jesper Binzer (D:A:D).

His work as producer and guitarist on the Glenn Hughes album ”Resonate” made more people take notice of the brilliant Danish guitar player.

Maestro Joe Satriani states this about Soren at music site Music Aficionado:

“I’ve been listening to this record a lot. The songs go by and I go, “Wow, listen to that!” This guitarist is somebody I don’t know who’s also the co-producer, Soren Andersen, and man, he’s so good. It’s always cool when you hear somebody new who really impresses you. […] A guy like Soren Andersen is totally into the future. His playing is very natural-sounding, and he manages to perform to the songs while still putting in some crazy textures. His choice of notes is interesting—every time I put the record on, I go, “Hey, I didn’t hear that before.” I love when an album does that to me. Glenn has always played with great guitarists, and he’s got another one with Soren Andersen.”



Check out the premiere of the music video for the “Bird Feeder”, here:


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