The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) premieres the new song ”Count the Dead”, free your mind, break the cycle and chains of dictatorship through rock power!

British poetic/alternative and progressive storytelling masters The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara (TCOMAS) premieres the new song ”Count the Dead” , taken from their upcoming second record ”Trust No Leaders”, which will be released in 2022.

As the follow up for their debut record “Full Spectrum” – the duo is back more fiercer and rebellious, as well angrier that ever – with the open-eyed  and as well open-minded song. That completely show the tragical events and  dictatorship over whole planet, by a group of spiritually corrupted and ill people – consumed by greed, lust, power and lack of emotions.  The song starts with rough and heavy guitar sounds, pointing out the dark and vile atmosphere of the world around us. And of course as usual, they planned every detail correctly, coordinated perfectly every sound and melody in the song, heavy riffs as well in some parts of the song. Creating every masterpiece that they made with clever arrangements, this is also the case with this song, brand new masterpiece of truth and true form of liberty  – not the fake or false one.

Daphne once again as the true inspiring narrator, brought out the best of the song as usual, like in the rest ones. It seems that in this one Daphne brought out her personal emotions and anger towards the crazy Covid -19 restrictions and rules. She just presented the whole truth in such smooth way, every word that she says is a sword of freedom, that hurts in beginning – but in the end – it is the most enjoyable and freest feeling that sets as all free. Andrea vocals where clean this time, which is a surprise. They are generic, but arranged in a great way – with the whole structure of the song, it fits the song perfectly – as a great passage from another intense atmosphere to another – to bring more sides of the atmosphere in the song. And there are growls, who come out at the full explosive and culminative atmosphere, pointing out the sickness of todays world – with anger and agony. The growls are adapted and arranged to the song in amazing way – they go with the chapter and the passage in the song smoothly.

When we all ask ourselves? Why are we living for? Is there another alternative or the real reality out there? Yes there is and it can be seen – by breaking this parasitic mechanism of NWO and the songs tells what is not real reality. This songs shows the most evil and vile Matrix form unleashed upon whole planet, as well human race –  there were other Matrix’s before, but this is the worst one. The negligence and recklessness is not an accident by governments – as well they let deaths happen purposely. They are the puppets in this circus – that the small group of people created – way before even the grand finale of destruction and death happened. And of course that they don’t care, they are here to obey their orders – to live in wealth, that is not even theirs. Just as it isn’t of the people who actually run this world. They wanted this to occur, this was the grand plan all along. Fear is the ultimate weapon of war – like in every war. They turn around people against each other. “Count the Dead” presents NWO in it’s truest form. This song asks the question that is forbidden, to even get an answer from the once – that the question is referred to. Sadly they destroyed the world-wide economy and divided people socially , took the free will and freedom from the citizens of the world. The point is to not trust no one – especially leaders, but only yourself, then you will find truth and answers.

Možda je crno-bijela slika koja prikazuje 2 ljudi i brada

There were lies and deception before, but this is the end game and their are striking hard to get to their goal.   We were always alone, they didn’t care and they still don’t care about us. Everything we have is our selves, unity and power to win this war.  To stand united against the true enemy not against each other again – now with the discrimination and attacks on the ones – who are not our enemies. The songs tells that we need to trust our instincts, souls and minds. There are no gods, nor masters. We were born – with our divine rights to be free beings – to leave in freedom.  We have ourselves to blame for everything in the past and now in the future. And of course nothing is lost, this shall pass too. Life ends, so does the NWO and it’s minions.  If we all want to leave in a free world, not a false one with all of the rules and restrictions – we must united, they know then – that their power will be lost. If they don’t have slaves to control. If not, then everything is lost – we will leave in George Orwell dystopia from novel ”1984”  and everything is lost then. There is still hope, awake yourself – don’t let them utilize you. This song presented all of this explanation in such glorious and powerful way – like this two know to present to the audience. Don’t be lead by hate, fear and ignorance – look into your soul and mind for truth, that will set you free. This is another masterpiece by storytelling masters in it most powerful and hardcore way their is, a brave punch for the brave new world.


Free yourself from chains and the upcoming disaster, awake your true power as a individual that can change all – through the rock n’ rock rebellious sounds. 


The band stated this about the new song:

“We composed this song as an outrage towards the governments across the world who have failed to act and protect their communities. It advocates for protest against world leaders, whose negligence and recklessness have resulted in one of the largest ‘avoidable’ losses of lives in generations.”




Check out the official premiere of the song ”Count the Dead”,below:

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