The concert of Mgła in Belgrade/Serbia is sold out, also at Zagreb/Croatia!

According to the concert organizer MM Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers. The performance of Polish black metal titans Mgla on September 18th is sold out at the club of the Dom Omladine in Belgrade/Serbia, alongside support act polish bands Martwa Aura and Dagorath, also in Zagreb/Croatia at Club Mocvara on September 6th as well is the same situation.

This is the not the first time that the shows are sold out in Serbia. This is a good thing, because this indicates that the fans in Serbia are interested in supporting the scene.

This is the official statement about the whole story by the organizers:

“The concert is currently sold out! If we manage to provide more space (we are currently in the process of agreeing), ticket sales will continue. We will put an official announcement in a timely manner! ”



Facebook of the organization:

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