The Effigy released lyric video for “One With My Enemy”!

Heavy, cinematic gothic artist, The Effigy has released a lyric video for their new song “One With My Enemy”. The song is also out today on all streaming platforms. Portraying a dark and profound narrative of emotional abuse. She creates dynamic musical arrangements to convey the spiraling torment experienced by the track’s protagonist.


Influenced by the likes of Garbage, Joy Divison, Evanescence and Keane. Her music is thematically inspired by gothic and folk imagery, along with mythology, her’s music is a cinematic array of eclectic styles. Following their previous song “Cindersun” – which draws from Ancient Greek mythology, telling the tale of Icarus and the Sun who are framed as two lovers forever at odds. “One With My Enemy” exhibits another side to their music. Fusing delicate piano melodies, with heavy guitars and synths evoking a nod to the early noughties, a gothic through-line underpins the track. Her vocals deliver both a soft intimate tone and powerful soaring lyrics that aptly reflect the intensifying mood of the song.

This song once again showcases The Effigy’s flair for catchy hooks and impressive compositions. The song conducts a compelling journey that gradually builds as the narrative progresses. Become enamored with her striking sound.

Effy Gold – Lyrics, Vocals, Composition


Andrew Noe – Guitars, Production, Mixing

Francesco Petrel – Mastering







Check out the lyric video for “One With My Enemy”, below:


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