The Effigy released new song and music video for “Ghost”!

Cinematic gothic solo artist The Effigy has unveiled the deeply haunting and open new song “Ghost”. Exploring themes of change, depression and suicide, it’s an honest and reflective song.


Effy states this about new song and its meaning:


“So often did the expectations of others put a noose around my neck. It was painful, and frightening, and incredibly liberating to leave the ghost of that life behind.”

“Ghost” is a melodic addition to The Effigy’s already dynamic discography. While a darkness is conveyed through distorted guitars, strong bass and percussion, gentle melodies and soft vocal performances deliver a sense of calm and hopefulness. A rise in power throughout the choruses sees The Effigy’s vocals soar and inject further emotion into the song “Ghost”, while created from a shadowy place, does not succumb to the gloom but reflects on this subject in a journey of growth.

“Ghost” is out now on all streaming platforms.


The Effigy Ghost

About The Effigy:

Originally from the UK and now based out of Perth, Australia – The Effigy draws influences from the likes of Garbage, Joy Division, Evanescence and Keane, it is thematically inspired by gothic and folk imagery, along with mythology. The Effigy’s music is a cinematic array of eclectic styles explored through expert composition.



Effy Gold – Vocals, Song writing, Composition







Check out the music video for “Ghost”, below:

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