The Effigy will release upcoming song “The Game” on September 30th!

Striking guitars, soaring vocals and ghostly harmonies are awaiting to be heard in The Effigy’s upcoming song “The Game” will be released on September 30th. As a dynamic cinematic solo artist The Effigy delivers a sound encompassing the anthemic and ethereal.

The Effigy is making waves in the underground unleashing a myriad of captivating singles throughout 2022 with no signs of slowing yet. From the alluring Greek mythology inspired “Cindersun” to the emotional “One With My Enemy”. This new song unveils a wealth of gothic, symphonic grandeur. This dark and anthemic offering goes heavier with thundering guitars, brings a greater depth of textural layering with a haunting choir of fellow musicians, and showcases more of her sensational vocals.

“The Game” builds further on The Effigy’s powerful releases by enhancing the intensity of the instruments, experimenting with vocal layering, and producing, once again, stunning melodies that you’re sure to be singing to yourself for weeks to come.

The Effigy

About The Effigy:

Influenced by the likes of Garbage, Joy Division, Evanescence and Keane. Thematically inspired by gothic and folk imagery, along with mythology. Her music is a cinematic array of eclectic styles explored through expert composition.


Effy Gold – Vocals, Song writing, Composition

Sebastian Ernst – Production, Guitars

Michael Seifert – Mixing, Mastering

Additional choir parts contributed by Felix King, Holly Royle and Matthew Simon Fletcher of Disconnected Souls and Jonny Young and Lindzi North  – from Fight The Tornado.







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