The official schedule for the God Dethroned and Obscura show has been revealed at Dom Omladine in Belgrade/Serbia!

Obscura and God Dethroned with the support acts Thulcandra and Fractal Universe will perform at  Dom Omladine in Belgrade/Serbia on February 22th.

The first time that the Obscura had their performance with Death DTA was in 2016 at Dom Omladine. Once again they will perform at the same location and deliver a fantastic show like they did it the first time and the reactions of the Serbia fans were very positive.

This show will be a part of the Obscura ”Diluvium” upcoming tour with the following bands, and to promote their latest new release ”Diluvim”, on the tour – and at the show, as well!

Official schedule:

19:00 – Entrance
20:00-20:30 – Fractal Universe
20:45-21:20 Thulcandra
21:35-22:20 – God Dethroned
22:35-00:00 – Obscura

The first series of tickets are at price of 1,800 dinars. The ticket will then cost 1,800 dinars, and on the day of the concert are 2,200 dinars.


Facebook of Obscura:

Facebook of God Dethroned:

Facebook of Thulcandra:

Facebook of Fractal Universe:


Check out the music video for the “Emergent Evolution”, here:

Check out the music video for the God Dethroned’s ” Spirit of Beelzebub”, here:


Check out the music video for the Thulcandra’s music video for the “The Second Fall”, here:

Check out the music video for the Fractal Universe’s  “Oneiric Realisations”, here:

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