Trold premieres music video for ”Sensommerbålet” feat. René Pedersen (Mercenary), enjoy forest party of your life, through the epic sounds of folk metal!

Trold Sensommerbålet

Danish folk metal heroes Trold premieres music video for ”Sensommerbålet” , taken from their debut/upcoming record, which will be released in 2023, via Mighty Music Records.

Here comes the folkish and cheerful song, that is filled – with medieval and pagan essence to it’s core. Perfectly fused sounds, melodies of the traditional instruments and other technical adaptations – present a special journey through divine folk metal presence. From start till the end, this traditional instruments showed the quality of medieval essence and folk music, as well – fused with metal, but having  this spirit of pagan lands, for sure shows the mightiness of folk music – in a cultural terms, but as well in music terms, that shows the catchiness and uniqueness of  folk music. Everything is coordinated and balance in outstanding way, especially with the traditional instruments – that are adapted to the guitar sounds, drums, growls and everything else. Arrangements for the song are just perfect, every detail in each passage is pointed out to the max and synchronized in the right way – to create this awesome symphony of sounds and melodies.


The traditional instruments are quite unique. They brought up this medieval, pagan and folk atmosphere – that is more that catchy. Which shows that this song – shows the metal and folk power in it’s true form. Great production helped a lot in adding quality to this instruments – making them more special and divine for the listeners, especially for the fans of this genre, since they all love the mighty sound of flute combined – with amazing and fierce riffing. Arrangement’s for each part are done in epic way, each part and passage of the song is cleverly arranged – with a dose of true mastery and great sense for music and sound.

This band reminds – with their approach to music of Finntroll and Trollfest. It is a combination of those two – with a little bit of resemblance to band Tyr. This song has these kind of resembles and elements in it. Which shows the almighty folk essence – that is superb and grand.

When it comes to scream growls of Vocalist Astor, he did quite a good job – delivering his great scream growls through- out the song. Following the atmosphere perfectly, showing that he has good balance and vocal skills, that made song even better than it already is. His vocals are quite catchy, strong and very authentic – which gave the some sort of special vibe to the song and that is great for the song.

René Pedersen as a guest Vocalist showed also his authenticity in his voice. His strong clean vocals, showed the powerful vibe of the song. And it made it catchy and smooth. He is also skilled vocalist – with raw, authentic and strong vocal. He adapted as Astor his vocals to the whole song, to the certain part of the song where he performs. Giving the song – more freshness, quality and strength in aural manner.

The story of the song is a folk one, where man and troll want to amaze the lady and hook up with her. Like a male dominance competition, who will get the lady? In some modern stories both of them would get the lady, but lets put the imagination aside for the listeners and viewers, to think about it. So who will get the lady? Can the mystery be unsolved? And the story goes perfectly – with the video and song itself, as well. Trough folk party anthem in forest, many great stories will unfold and begin, as well as finish to be told forever more.

This a folk metal party song – with a catchy and powerful essence of folk itself. Powerful folk metal song, to have fun with. Amusing, catchy and epic as it can be, to have a adventure of your lifetime in a forest party with trolls.

Dive in into folk metal madness, that lift-ups the positive spirit. 

The band states this about music video and new song:

“Both of them want her, but who will get her?”

The story takes place on a late summer night in the woods around the glow of a bonfire and lets Trold’s folkish metal meet heavy rock featuring guest appearances by René Pedersen (from the mighty Mercenary) on vocals.

Trold plays folk metal with a mischievous smile, which is guaranteed to kick off the party from inside the large, dark Danish forests. The storytelling and melodies are in focus when playing with different instruments and heavy guitar rhythms to create the perfect atmosphere. The stories grow, hiss, and are sung, while the listeners/audience are taken on a host of adventures.

Trold has its roots well planted in the Nordic soil where inspiration is found from a wealth of fairy tales and mythologies. Giants, Gods, the animals of the forest, and the marvelous world of the sea are just some of the places Trold takes the listeners. When the trolls are on stage, you can be sure that the party will start and the good mood will be kicked off.


Astór Palsson (Dawn of Demise) – vocals

Jesper Myrup (Kurgan) – guitar

Christian Christiansen (Sylvatica) – guitar

Allan Madsen (Prevail) – bass

Peter Rafaelsen – keys









Check out the premiere for music of ”Sensommerbålet”, below:

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