Tygers Of Pan Tang premieres the lyric video for “Damn You”, self-rebellion as a answer to destruction, with the power of rock!

Heavy metal giants Tygers of Tag Pang premieres the music video for the “Damn You”, which is taken from their upcoming new release “The Ritual” on November 22th, via Mighty Music Records.

The song begins with the classical rock/heavy metal riffs, and it’s the fast one- also the rest of the song is fast and furious, with some balanced guitar riffs/tunes. Vocals are great, this time fast one like this song, coordinated and blended with the whole song, and the lyrics just perfectly. It’s different from their previous song “White lines”, with all of the technical parts of the song and structure, they are different songs from one another, but the same thing about them is that 80’s spirit-in this case this one has more that spirit/vibe to it, and it has that old school approach to it as well, completely.

Then there are solos that floated like water in song, perfectly mixed with the whole sound and production. The lyrics are about self respect to fight for yourself, to be rebellions on your own- because mankind is at it’s worst, and you are on your own to change the world, and your life. Dawn you for almost ruining my life, but I have rock n’ roll on my side to win all.

Vocalist Jack Meile states this about the new song/lyric video:

“Sometimes what sounds like a straight forward, hard rocking, headbanging song is not that easy to write. Robb had been working with Gav on this song for a while but only when we started jamming it, it finally became what you hear. My favorite part is the bridge, with that ’80 vibe and Robb solo on this one is a Killer!”

Founder and Guitarist Robb Weir states this about the new lyric video and song:

“Classic hard rock, no messing… big guitar riff, juggernaut rhythm section and foot on the monitor, broadcast vocals. You’d be hard pushed to find a bigger anthem this year. Pass me a cigar, I feel a moment coming on…”

Bassist Gav Gray states this about the new lyric video/song:

“…No Tygers album would be complete without a classic slab of old school heavy metal. That’s “Damn You”!… Timeless Riff-o-Matic guitars slayed over a stampede of rhythm and straight ahead vocal made for the headbangers out there… This track really is Bulletproof.”

Robb Weir – guitars
Jacopo Meille – vocals
Micky Crystal – guitars
Gav Gray – bass
Craig Ellis – drums & percussion


Website of the label:

Check out the premiere for the music video for the “Damn You”, here:

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