Tygers Of Pan Tang premieres the music video for  “Edge Of The World ”, travel to the edge of the world, followed by mighty heavy metal and it’s full power!

Tygers Of Pan Tang
Photo by: Steve Christie

British NWOBHM crushers Tygers Of Pan Tang premieres the music video for  “Edge Of The World ”, taken from the upcoming record, which will be released this Spring, via Mighty Music Records.

Here they come the Tygers of heavy metal. Their new song is epic as it can be, especially with more epic guitar melodies and riffing – that made this song an outdating experience of aural domination. Of course, technical perfection by this masters is without a doubt here, as usual. The coordination and balance, arrangement’s and production are just one symphony of divine component, creating unreal and good sounds. Every part is arranged perfectly to just flow into one another, as it is suppose to be for classic heavy metal. The two riffing patters are just mind – blowing things in this song, catchy as it can be and for sure catchy for the ears of the listeners, as well. The speed metal one has the orthodox spirit of heaviness and essence of metal, presenting one of a kind old school heavy metal in modern arrangements and production. Modified, but improved to the core.

Tygers Of Pan Tang Edge Of The World

Vocalist Jack Meille shows his impressive vocal skills and rages in the song – like a true pro of this genre. Filled with experience and skills in his vocal performance. He improved songs quality and added his personal mark to it. Which is way, the song sounds so good – with such groove and catchiness. This made the song – more superb, more heavy metal, as it can be.

The best part of the song are guitar work by Robb Weir, followed by Francesco Marras guitar work. This fusion of experience and talent – with divine melodies, surely made the quality of the song on that master level of heavy metal. And there is the end, classical finishing touch – with a break -down. That absolutely gave the song – something unique and special as a finishing touch, presenting mightiness of the band and heavy metal.

Then there is a story, a dystopian one. About how we neglected our world, how we are bed to each other. And the ones to blame are the ones – who makes us all fight each other and divide us from our cause. Spread fear, false propaganda, lies, violence and taking human freedom away. The leaders of this planet have no sympathy for any of us, nor empathy. We are the ones to blame for our relationship with environment, others and everything else. So like the lyrics of the song said forever failing, is the exact word for it – we as a human race are never going to change, we are going to be divided by the people – who are divided from each other, sick and corrupted without any moral or spiritual compass , making us who we are not – destroying our world and ourselves. This is the point of the song, edge of the world is the end of it. Great story followed by even greater music. Guys completely nailed it.

This song is a heavy metal speed blaster – that has all of the best sides of heavy metal and it’s best form. Presenting one and true heavy metal spirit – powerful and divine in it’s full glory and might.

Travel to the end of the world – with heavy metal by your side.

Fresh from their return to the road after the Covid-19 lockdown, NWOBHM masters Tygers Of Pan Tang are ready to release the latest album of a career that started back in 1978. But, despite their veteran status, they show no signs of stagnation or tiredness. In fact, powered by what is probably their tightest and better lineup to this date, they unleash a digital single full of energy and power: ”Edge Of The World”. Based on Robb’s riff, the new song shows the great songwriting talent of Francesco who came up with the Spanish-flavored section and the melodic chorus, Vocalist Jack Meille offers, about the track. This song sums up the ultimate Tygers sound: heavy and yet melodic!.


Drummer Craig Ellis states this about new music video/song:

”The lyrics were inspired by the unprecedented, strange and worrying pandemic circumstances that each and every one of us suddenly found ourselves in, literally, one more step and we'd be forever falling.”



Robb Weir – guitar
Francesco Marras – guitar
Jack Meille – vocals
Huw Holding – bass
Craig Ellis – drums









Check out the premiere for the music video of ”Edge Of The World”, below:

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