Unanimated hits the studio in August!


Unanimated will begin the recording of a new full lengths album in August. 14 new songs will be recorded for what will be our 4th full lengths album. The album will be released through Century Media Records. Released date is yet to be decided but we are looking at a late 2020 or early 2021 release.

Statement of the band about the new record:

Many requests regarding merchandise…. We are working on a web store, launch date is still to be decided but we are planing to have it up and running this fall.

With the release of the reissues of ”Ancient God Of Evil &In The Light Of Darkness” this past Friday…

The release date of the reissue of ”In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead” will be announced soon! With some unforeseen issues that caused some delay on that one, the intention was clearly to release all three at once.

All focus is now on entering the studio to begin recording the new album. Any further communication on updates will be when there is anything to communicate.



Check out the full record stream of the “Ancient God Of Evil”, here:








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