Vanir premieres the new lyric video for “Dødsfærd” (death’s journey), follow the path of salvation with Allfather in death, embrace the glorious sounds of viking metal!

Danish viking metal warriors and masters Vanir premieres the new official lyric video for “Dødsfærd” (death’s journey), taken from their upcoming sixth record “Sagas”, which will be released via Mighty Music Records on March 11th.

This is a typical viking song – with the true warrior spirit to it, followed by some coordinated raw music, that completely shows the best sides of this great song. The song starts with this incredible riff pattern that has this warrior anthem atmosphere vibe to, indicating that this will be a fierce and furious song, as it is. Continuing with some coordinated drum set, that perfect riff pattern, crushing riffs, enchanting melodies and sounds –  that are balanced in a quite good way and mixed with each other, very well.

Then there are this perfectly synchronized solos – that are adapted greatly to the previous part of the song and the whole song too. Showing the strength and technical mastery of the band and of course how awesome this song – already is. Everything about the song is coordinated and balanced, every passage is greatly produced and arranged with the whole structure of the song. Vocalist Martin carried out the song in his own style – with the full viking growl assault – that makes this song such a enchanting viking  demolisher, that has the very best trades of viking metal and the very viking essence.

This makes the song a true viking warrior song – that has this variety of great melodies and sounds, making it a ultimate viking song. Production and high quality approach regarding arrangement’s of vocals, riffs, passages helped a lot in pointing out the story of the song as well. And also the intensity that the song has – with the whole viking spirit to it – followed by excellent riff foundation. The story of the is about the words of Hávi (the High One) and that is Odin, about that warrior viking codex – that in death we pay for all of our actions during the life and be rewarded for good ones. That the great judgement of Allfather awaits us all in the end. The story of the song is adapted to this viking aural atmosphere in the best way – showing the true viking essence from lyrics and the story.

The video is adapted as well to this incredible viking song – video adaption is fused with the whole atmosphere in proper manner. And the listeners and viewers can enjoy this viking journey of death in both aural and visual way. Overall the song reminds of Amon Amarth songs, it has that vicious effect on the listener, warrior enchantment – it is just a viking crusher – with the power of gods. Powerful viking song – with more powerful and crushing viking essence of glory and death.


Embrace the wisdom of Odin, let it follow you in death in pagan/viking manner.


From the Sagas of old, to the halls of Valhalla, from Danish and Germanic battlefields with their bloody battles and fierce warriors, Danish warriors Vanir are back and have put together, without compromise, a new epic album, with a fascination with our common origins, and the blood spilled throughout history. Few bands have more authority to do so:

Vanir is one of Denmark’s most well-known and prominent Viking melodic death metal bands. The group has, since it’s inception, released five full-length albums very well received by the media and the avid supporters of the genre. But one can say, without much hesitation, their sixth effort “Sagas” is their best yet. Written and recorded during the pandemics, mistered and mastered by Rune Stiassny (Iron Fire, ex-Saturnus), “Sagas” is mostly themed around Nordic mythology, but also has a song dedicated to one of the most important fantasy writers in history – J.R.R. Tolkien – who was himself greatly inspired by Nordic mythology and Denmark. On the other hand, a song such as “Black Clad”, has a double-edge sword: it is written as a tribute to the Norse god Brage, but also as a tribute to the fans of metal. The fans that support the scene and who will be the backbone of the live scene in the post-pandemic.

Vocalist Martin Rubini states this about their work on their upcoming record:

“During the pandemic the world of music was turned upside down, this album has been our anchor in the creative part of our lives in a period where all our shows was cancelled and we still needed to be creative and do what we enjoy, playing metal. With “Sagas” we continue the route we laid out with “Aldar Rök” and “Allfather” and the vision we have for Vanir”.”

Such is the Vanir approach to themes in 2021, melodic and fierce soundscapes, with lyrical strings tied to mythology and heathen paganism, but not ending there. “Sagas” artwork portraits this with a mixture of various Norse mythical imageries. It is inspired by the idea of fate and the Norns, which are here interpreted as a singular being, displaying various aspects of fate, while intertwined in its threads. It shows an elegant and feminine and strong imagery. The artwork was done by the bassist Lars Bundvad. “For this album, I didn’t write any music”, he explains. “Having been sidelined due to the pandemic – my immune system is not terribly robust – I wanted to go the extra mile and push myself for the artwork. The Norn portraits a strong feminine character and a sage who holds both wisdom and power. And I’m very happy with the result”.

“Sagas” will be re-released in CD, LP (two different colors, each limited to 300 units) and digital formats.


Martin Rubini: vocals
Kirk Backarach: lead guitar
Phillip Kaaber: rhythm guitar
Lars Bundvad: bass
Daniel Kronskov: drums







Check out the premiere for the new official lyric video for “Dødsfærd” (death’s journey), below:


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