Wicked Envy released new EP for “What the Hell Am I Doing”!

Sydney alt-rockers Wicked Envy just dropped their crushing debut EP ”What The Hell Am I Doing” Not ones to shy away from exploring the full palate of human emotion through infectious melodies, evocative hooks and raw intensity, ”What The Hell Am I Doing” is a methodically constructed soundscape oozing with passion and vulnerability. Incorporating influences such as The Pretty Reckless & The Smashing Pumpkins, Wicked Envy’s high octane compilation delivers irresistible grooves, ferocious riffs and Des Hancock’s powerhouse Halestorm-esque vocals.

Vocalist Des Hancock states this about new EP: 

Fans can expect one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride, transitioning from story to story through song. Starting with an upbeat, party vibe, then takes a more dark and sinister turn and brought back to life by the end song. The lyrics are based on real events and stories, just over exaggerated at times, for dramatic effect. “What The Hell Am I Doing “ – I’m sure we all come to a stage in our lives where we do wonder what we will do and how do we get there.”

Wicked Envy brings all forces of hard rock and grunge infused with blistering riffs and powerhouse vocals. In a short amount of time, the group has been making waves with their latest singles ”I Can See” & ”Outsider”, ”What The Hell Am I Doing?” showcases a band that is bold and confident in their sound and we are excited to see where it takes them.

”What The Hell Am I Doing” is  now available HERE


1. It’s Been a Longtime
2. Frantic
3. Fragile Wings
4. Outsider
5. I Can See
6. Bring The Storm









Check out the music video for “Outsider”, below:

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