Wolfheart will release the upcoming new album ”Constellation Of The Black Light” on September 28th via Napalm Records!

Raw Finnish Coldness with the beauty of northern lights and crushing force of winter!
The Wolves strike back with their long-awaited 4th  full-length studio album ”Constellation Of The Black Light”which will be released on September 28th via Napalm Records.
Wolfheart’s music embraces the sheer force and beauty of Finnish nature with the fiery passion. After the success of their first three albums that all hit the Top 10 in the Finnish album charts, among them their last album ”Tyhjyys” that charted in Switzerland as well, the time has come to unleash the next masterpiece of raw Winter Metal! ”Constellation Of The Black Light” comes with seven tracks that dive headfirst into Black Metal, Nordic Death Metal, soaring melodies and complex arrangements.
The band stated this about the upcoming new album:
“Determination and perseverance were the key points in the making this album while conquering obstacle after obstacle during the process of recordings while coldness and beauty of winter were the themes where the music was born. This is definitely a triumph in Wolfheart career and one of the biggest battles won in my personal career. I could not be more satisfied with the result and with new label and management behind us we are headstrong to stay in the bath of victories.”
Pre-Order of the ”Constellation Of The Black Light” can be done HERE!
”Constellation Of The Black Light” is available in the following formats:
1 CD Digipack
1 LP Gatefold BLACK
1 LP Gatefold GOLD

1. Everlasting Fall

2. Breakwater

3. The Saw

4. Forge With Fire

5. Defender

6. Warfare

7. Valkyrie