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 Jerusalem mesopotamian black thrash metal band realised the album. This album is a very unigue album, with very specific black and thrash metal sound.On this album it can be heard a traditional jerusalem folk sound, that is ideally integrated with the hole album.

The vocals are awesome, the clean and the uclean onces, they made the atmosphere on the album, ao sepcial and heavy as steel, also on the album there is a influence of heavy metal, that is integrated very good with the hole album and the songs. Tehinical compliance is very good, it can be better, but it is almost brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.

This album will take you to a jorney of darkeness,evil, death, chaos, apocylpse.

Arallu is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This band is a ultimate metal band with great black thrash metal music to it, in the most best way. 

Rating Album: 9,5/10


Rating album: SAPRON

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