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Creinium – Hallucinosis


1. Hallucinosis
2. Seams
3. Astral Strain
4. The Ophidian Heir
5. Vigilance
6. Passage to an Altered Portrait
7. Conscious Eclipse
8. Solarbound Colony
9. The Diminished Perception
10. Prometheus Through Immolation
11. Compulsive Transition
12. God Monument

Finnish hybrid metal band  realeased the album. This album is insane melodic and fast metal album. On this album it can be heard many influences that makes this album very unigue and special, these influences are: the influence of industrial,progressive, eletronic,death, black metal. It interesting how all of this genres create superiour melodic metal sound.

There are various melodies on this album, that combined with each other made this album a melodic masterpiace, with all the influences combined, the atmosphere on the album is unigue. Tehnical  compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. This album will take you to a world of mysticism, death, darkness, science fiction.

Creinium is the band that has a very strange and interesing sound, with this sound this band is powerful melodic metal band, this album is melodic armaggedon, with extremely good music, worthy of listening.

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Rating Album:10/10


sapronRating album: SAPRON

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