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Grotesque Ceremonium – Demonic Inquisition


1. Defiled Spirits of Unholy Torments
2. Demonic Inquisition
3. Burned at the Stake
4. Malefizhaus & Hexengefangnis
5. Barbaric Apostasy
6. Agonized Screams of the Damned
7. In the Cauldrons of Hell
8. Crushing Morbid Death
9. Profanation (Incantation cover)


Turkish one man death metal band Grotesque Ceremonium realeased the album. This album is a brutal death metal album, with the true essence and meaning of death metal.

On this album it can be heard the awesome brutal vocals, with raw death metal sound, making the classical death metal atmosphere, with the sounds of death on the way.

There is a cover on the album, of the Legendary American death metal band Incantation, the song is called “Profamation”, the cover is almost the same as the original song, the solos on the song are different on the cover, they are shorter, then in the original song, awesome cover by great death metal musician. Tehnical compliace is brought to ideal, acoustic is solid, production is awesome.

This album will take you through a ride of ocultism, death, evil, darkness, chaos, apocylpse, destruction, brutality.

Grotesque Ceremonium is very raw and brutal one-man death metal band, with some amazing and true death metal music.

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Rating Album:9,5/10


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