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Manipulation – Ecstasy

 Manipulation – EcstasyManipulation, Ecstasy.

2.Sic Itur ad Astra
4.Bad Boy
5.The Paradigm of Existence
6.Sunset over Vatican
7.Temples of Vanity
8.Burn Motherfuckers!
9.Dźwięk upadku

Polish metal band realised the album. This album is very interesting album, with various genres on it. These genres are melodic death metal, gothic metal, metalcore, atmospheric and thrash metal music, all of these genres created very insane metal genre, and they are fitted perfectly with each other, and they are integrated phenomenally with the hole album, and the songs themeslef’s.

The vocal has a metalcore, deathcore vibe to it, which makes this album more interesting for listening, the clean vocals have a gothic vibe to, which made this album more interesting, because the combination of this two vocals are simply unigue, and something that is hard to combine.

Generic sound is awesome it gives the album that special sound. Solos on the album are great, and they are very good combined with the songs.

Tehnical compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.This album will take you into the world of hate, cruel reality, rebellion, death, chaos, apocyplse.

Manipulation is anonymos band that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners.This band is a metal band that has a awesome modern approuch to metal music, and great modern metal music at it’s best.



Manipulation, Ecstasy.

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