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Orobas – Arise In Impurity

Orobas – Arise In Impurity

1.Ode To Impurity (Intro)

2.The Ravana

3.Lord Ramesses

4.Bad Blood Hunter

5.Black Metal (Venom Cover)

Bangladeshi blackened death metal band is going to release the EP.

This EP is an awesome blackened death metal EP with very specific approach to it, and a unique sound. On this EP it can be heard the melodic solos, that are phenomenally integrated with the whole EP and the songs, and the solos are so evil and melodic.

Technical compliance is good, it can be better, but it’s close to be ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome.

On the EP there is a cover of the Legendary British metal band Venom and the song is one and only “Black Metal”, the cover is completely different from the original song, because is the different genre of metal, but the cover added something different to it, that original song didn’t have, because it is an old song, the cover gave the song more rawness and evil vibe to it, that also the original song does have, but the vocal and the sound, and the approach made this cover more sinister and evil. Awesome cover, maybe one of the best covers of Venom’s black metal, demonstrated the power of metal in every way.

This EP will take you to a place of darkness, evil, death, chaos, apocalypse.

Orobas is an awesome band that deserves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This band is a unique blackened death metal band, different form other blackened death metal bands, with special and different, dark and powerful blackened death metal music at it’s best.

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