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Pestheim – The Darkness Shall Be Eternal


1.The Freezing Winds
2.From The Icy Cold Of Winter
3.Storm of Darkness
4.The Darkness Shall Be Eternal
5.Dunkelheit (Burzum Cover)

German atmospheric symphonic one-man black metal band realised the album. This album is a unigue combination of raw and modern balck metal sound combined with atmospheric and symphonic music influences by doom metal, making this album a black metal masterpiace.

On this album it can be heard that the influence of doom metal, add more darkness and heaviness to black metal, and also to the symphonic and atmospheric music, phenomenally fitted with the hole album, and the songs. compliance is brought to ideal, acoustic is great, production is awesome. On the album there is a cover of the Legendary Norwegian black metal project Burzum by Varg Vikernes.

The cover is almost the same as the original song, the differnes between the cover and the original song is that this is a modern version of the song with better production, amazing cover, the best cover of the Burzum.

This album will take you to a world of darkness, evil, coldness, death, chaos, desturuction. Pestheim is anonymos musician, that desirves a lot of attention of public and listeners. This musician is a awesome black metal musician with, insane good black metal music,in the best way.


Rating Album: 10/10

sapronRating album: SAPRON

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