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Prisoner-See The Scars


  1. Hung,Drawn & Quartered
  2. Messiah
  3. Deceived
  4. Lifless
  5. Risen From The Grave
  6. The Beast In The Mirror
  7. Prisoner
  8. Something to Fear


Last year Serbian speed thrash metal band Prisoner released this album. This album, as I see it myself as a listener, is some insane old school thrash metal album, with the best sides of the old school sound and style.

On this album there are crushing riffs, powerful solos and melodic sound, that is very well combined with the rest of the stuff. The band is presenting with this album something unigue, it’s more than a music, it’s a story about life itself, the bad sides.Lyrics are also integrated very well with the sound of the band, it can be felt that the lyrics and music are one with each other, that every emotions excited in the sound.Influences of old school heavy metal are present too, with the old school thrash metal, so in some moments on this album, it can be heard the best of both genres.

Tehnical compliace is awesome, every thing is precise and the good production to it makes it even better, and with clear acoustic. Pain, depression and darkness are things that this album is all about, and the lyrics are about it. Vocals are interesting and different in the good way.

Prisoner is one amazing band, with some powerful thrash metal music. Old school thrash metal is once again alive, giving a punch to a face with this album.

Rating Album:9/10


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