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Season of Arrows -Give it to the Mountain

1. Farewell to the Horseman
2. Deep Graves
3. Evening Lord
4. Autumn Wings
5. The Bridge
6. New Sorcery
7. Bellow
8. From the Wilderness We Retur

American sludge stoner doom rock/metal band Season of Arrows is going to release upcoming album in 24th March 2017. I can say about the album is that is very psychodelic, insane and dark metal release, with the some low heavy riffs added to it, it is a full of destruction coming to take you over to the dark side, and show you the true meaning of darkness itself. Wicked and evil sound gave the album it’s charm, and the atmosphere is very destructive with it.

Female vocalist has a crazy psychodelic evil voice, that is completly blended into the songs, so the hole story can be tell right, with some cool funeral vibe to it. Tehnical compliance is simply great, every tone is on it’s place. Acoustic is lower, but it sound’s great, and it is integrated very good with the hole release. Production is awesome, every tone and melody can be heard very good. The lyrics are about ocultism, and the sound together with it, present’s some nasty evil shit, that will surely freeze your bones.

Season of Arrows is a band that has some very heavy music with deep lyrics, they are amazing band, that present’s more that music.With this album they showed the dark side in it’s true form, trough some powerful evil music.

Rating Album:8,5/10


Rating Album: 8,5/10


Rating album: SAPRON

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