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Single Review: Days Of Deceit – Elements

Adelaide hardcore crushers Days Of Deceit are here to show some unordinary fusion of melodic beauty – wrapped in some hard hitting riffs. This made this song so diverse and powerful, through the special atmosphere – that this song delivers perfectly. The whole song is one epic, as well as the sonic experience of greatly arranged rhythmical section. That point out this catchy, but also fierce approach to the song, that adds this uniqueness and aural quality. And awesome production helped a lot – to show this  uniqueness and diversity of sounds and melodies, that makes this song such a special peace of epicness.

Days Of Deceit - Elements

The intro is quite interesting – with a touch of electronic music influences and melodic sounds, followed by generic riffing part. This is the most diverse part of the song. Not to mention that it sounds so relaxing and peaceful – goes along with great story of the song perfectly –  in every way.

Then it got heavy – with quite catchy chorus, that has two vocal layers, both grows and generic clean vocals, as well – arranged in awesome way with each other. Adding this amusing moment and strong balance to the song – that has cheerful vibe to it.

There is also a part of blasting and crushing generic riffing – with some great screaming growls. That added to the song some fierceness and intensity from being so relaxing at the beginning. And it shows in best way – how this is perfectly coordinated and balanced – from drum set to vocals, hard riffing. In general all of the passages are genius way arranged – adapted to show different aspects of the song and emotions, to create this special vibe. In technical terms, every passage is clean and clear – with a dose of different structures and synchronization, that worked fine, creating this awesome song, that has this diverse and colorful background – with skillful adaptation and arrangement skills. Good production pointed out even more this balance between passages, also it showed the smart synchronization – for every part or passage to sound so original and interesting.

Days Of Deceit

And every passage is harmonized perfectly – sliding into one another in this great balance, that all of the song has. Giving the song more quality, more uniqueness and harmony.

My personal thoughts about this song is that it has detailed approach – to every part of it and passage. I liked the most intro part and the end part of the song – since it gives the song, this calming note and goes with the vibe of story perfectly. And then there is the twist from this atmospheric electronic, but melodic sounds to raging/generic riffing – is just outstanding.

For each passage every arrangement is a little bit different, but not standing out to much from each other. This passages are greatly adapted to the whole structure of the song – showing good approach of the band to their music and their diverse mindset towards the same, also high creativity level both aural and lyrical.


Days Of Deceit - Elements

Then there are vocals by  Jarrod Schilling who are catchy and arrangement smoothly to the whole song. The mix between generic clean vocals and screaming growls, shows the ultimate catchiness and smoothness of the song. Since not many bands succeed in making this kind of balance – between those vocals to sound so great and arranging it too sound so smoothly good. And growls are skillfully presented by Vocalist, who knows how to scream his heart out – with coordinated approach to his own growls in a skillful way. This vocals also added this great calming effect that added this divine atmospheric elements. And the growls ones added that intensity, vicious effect – that made this song a true banger.

Guys from the band also added this special story to the song. It is about embracing the wilderness, as a part of who we all are. To embrace all of the elements: earth, fire, water, air, as something that is a crucial part of all of us. Going to the wilderness to find your inner peace, where in the concrete jungle, you can’t. To find yourself and your freedom, mostly. And also to get away for a while on vacation, to enjoy your own company and finding your purpose, that has a positive impact on you.

For me this song is a banger – with spirit of freedom. Everything about it just perfect, the whole package. From technical approach to the story. I liked how this guys, implemented directly the story essence – to music. Since that is the point of great song, to have this unbreakable and perfectly adapted fusion of music and lyrics. It is also a great thing, how rhythmical the whole time is. It is just a not stopping song of greatly pumped energy, since the Autor Jarrod  of the song got the idea – probably from vacation in wilderness.

Overall, it is a groove song – with some catchy and smooth hooks. Outstanding arrangement and production – that is followed by detailed technical part of the song. Amazing song writing and concept – that is presented clearly and assuredly with the help of masterful fusion of sounds and melodies.

It is a crusher of divine sounds, colorful as wilderness and powerful as it can be. An experience through divine melodies – filled with pumped energy, followed by the essence of peace and freedom. Great to the core, liberating to the max.


Rating single: 8/10




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